As a Christian, do you think there is life elsewhere in the Universe?


(Rick Rump) #1

Hi Matt,
I was in the evangelism ministry at Willow when your dad was the director. Good to see you following in his footsteps!

A question I just got again yesterday I would like your take on. The question asked to me was, ‘as a Christian, do you think there is life elsewhere in the Universe?’ An easy one, right? I think it is important as the issue underlying it is sometimes “why would we be so special on Earth that God would pay special attention to us?”

Appreciate your thoughts, primarily on the first question.


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(Matthew Mittelberg) #2

Hi Rick, nice to meet you! Fun to connect with a Willow friend.

I’m a big Star Wars fan and a sci-fi fan in general, so I’ve thought about this a bit! And as much as I’d love to see Chewie fly by my house in the Millenium Falcon, I’m not convinced in the existence of life outside of earth. The odds of life existing on any planet are incomprehensibly slim, so it’s already basically a miracle that we exist at all. Dr. James Tour, a synthetic organic chemist goes into this some here:

That being said, my faith wouldn’t be hurt if we somehow did discover life outside of earth. The Bible nowhere says that God only created life on earth, just that he created human beings specifically in his image.

(Kay Kalra) #3