As the next generation of apologists, what can be done to help raise our quality and depth as thinkers?

Hello Neil,
We are blessed with many very intelligent and insightful thinkers, especially within Christian apologetics. May of these wonderful contenders for the faith are getting older. Do you see the next generation of apologists rising to the same level as a Ravi Zacharias, John Lennox, and William Lane Craig. What can be done to help raise our quality and depth of thinkers? Thank you.


Hi Daren,
Yours is a visionary question! If you were to ask any of these gentlemen your referred the same question, I guess they would be optimistic about God’s purposes for the millennials. These thinkers have inspired a generation and there is a growing awareness for evangelism undergirded by apologetics. For sure, there will be newer methods / mediums of communication - and the good old historic gospel message.