Ascension day at my job

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So here in the Netherlands we have ascention day. So we celebrate the day Jesus goes back to heaven.
Maybe this is a global thing though :slight_smile:
Normally I would get a day off at that day and I would go to church. But my employer didn’t get me a day off this year. So I said fine, we celebrate it here then.

So since I have this opportunity now to speak about ascention day at work (no other christians there) I made an account here hoping people maybe have some nice views on ascention day.
Like what does it really mean to the bigger picture and how to explain it in a good way.

I always get mocked about my faith and it would be nice to articulate the beauty of it for a change.


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Greetings from China. Unfortunately we do not get ascension day off here either :smiley: I very much admire how you are willing to use this opportunity to point your coworkers to the cross. It is a very good idea how you are considering connecting Jesus’ ascension to the big picture. I also like how you are hoping people will have some nice views.

As far as the big picture goes, you may consider connecting Jesus resurrected body to the resurrected body that every believer will have. Perhaps that Jesus was raised to the dead, ministered for 40 days then returned to heaven. His resurrected body was perfect, immortal and without death, sickness or sin effecting it. He then ascended to heaven (Acts 1:6-12, Luke 24:50-53, Mark 16:19-20 & John 20:17). You may consider then telling people that when Jesus returns each of us who believe in him will have resurrected bodies, without sickness, death or sin in working in them. That he will make our relationship with God’s creation right again. Perhaps sharing some of 1 Corinthians 15 on this or Romans 8. This would be showing your coworkers what the great hope, we have in Christ.

Your idea to see if some of your coworkers have nice views seems to be like a good idea to get people to share their experiences of the day. This may show you what the different world views are in your workplace and who may be more open to the gospel. You may have people share about their other beliefs briefly, depending on the size of the group. This is what I do to model inclusivity and it has given me the opportunity to share the gospel many times.

I am praying for this Daniel. You can most definitely expect to be laughed at. I myself made a big laugh of an evangelist at Dam Square back in about 1999. He was using lasers to share the gospel. 10 years later I got saved. That bit of the word I heard in Amsterdam all that time ago has been working in my heart to this day.

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Hi Brian,
thanks for this quick and amazing response this will be very helpful.

I started reading the ascention texts you provided. I’m a bit doubtful about which one to read. I noticed that the text don’t line up at all with each other.
Every one of them has a completely different speach by Jesus. And in Lucas they go to the temple afterwards but in Acts they go to there clubhouse and there are two angels in Acts that no other gospel mentions.
I’ve always been told the perspective argument that every apostel has a slightly different story. But this is a bit far off I think.

I could summarise the part where Jesus rises from the dead and get’s this perfect body and that with and through him we can get that too. The texts from Romans and Corinthians have a lot of information on that.

So this topic did raise a lot of questions for me to be onest:
Why don’t the gospels line up?
Why can Jesus pay for our dept? Who allows that? Is there some sort of spiritual bank involved? How does this currency work? How can there be this law system that’s above God if God already is the ultimate reality?
I believe in Jesus, but I don’t quite feel a holy spirit in me. Do I need that to even discuss this? I really want to though.

Maybe it’s the kind of stuff I don’t need to know like in Acts 1:7 I just read.

Thanks again for all the help already. I can imagine you don’t have the answers to all of these questions, but I just wanted to put it out there.
Amazing you get to bring a bit of the word back to Amsterdam now.


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I hear you about the gospels not lining up. This really bothered me about two years back and I had to wrestle with it quite a bit. It actually happens throughout the bible, I learned this when I first listened to the bible chronologically. I believe that all scripture is breath out by God as we learn in 2 Timothy 3:16, however, I also believe that the bible was written by more than 40 different people, inspired by Holy Ghost.

I have heard it put this way, but I can not remember by who. If me, you and two others go to a party and we all go home the next day and tell people about the party, our accounts will differ slightly. I would probably talk about the delicious stew while you might have focused on the bitter balls :rofl: This does not mean that either of our accounts are not true. The examples of the ascension are a very good example of this. I do not see any contradiction in this case, but rather different accounts of the same event.

Why can Jesus pay our debt? Now that is the question. That is the core of everything, is it not?
I am doing terrible, remembering my writers today, but one of the old Christian writers refers to this at “The Great Exchange”. You give all your sin to God, past present and future and he gives you his righteousness instead. We see this in Romans 6:10 and Hebrews 7:27. There is a fabulous way of studying the bible called biblical theology. It requires picking a theme and then following it from Genesis to Revelation. If you do this with Blood Sacrifice, it will blow your mind how it all comes together. I am doing this with the temple at the moment. If you decide to discuss the great exchange with your coworkers, this is the gospel that the lost need to hear. As it is once and for all, there is no currency or balance system involved.

As for feeling the Holy Spirit in you. I know what you mean, if you are being called to share the gospel with your coworkers, I would say that you are definitely feeling the Holy Spirit in you, but not as you are expecting to. It is sad to say, but I have gotten so used to Holy Spirit in my life that I do not feel Him anymore also. I need to spend time with Him developing relationship with Him, to know him more. James 4:8 draw near to me and I will draw near to you! This Christian life requires us to live by faith. It is the way He has set it up to be. I find it tough to be honest and am crying out to see Jesus. We are all on the same journey.

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Hi Brian,
thanks again this helps to put it a bit better in perspective.

I actually ended up getting a day off on ascention day anyway. But I’ll probably get to tell my colleagues about the meaning of this day on friday.
I think the main message here is that everything Jesus did was in order to fix the broken road between us and God. So we get the same things when we follow him like the immortal body and resurrection.