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Praise the Lord…
My name is Ashutosh Jadhav and I’m from India (Maharashtra). I believe in Lord Jesus Christ… If I would go to share my testimony then this page will be not enough and this life also God working everyday and the testimonies coming everyday newly … But I introduce my testimony in only one word… That… My Lord Is My Breath. Before I was Dead, my flesh was moving but there was no Hope. Only just a living Body which moving but don’t know for what I live. Many things are come there. But when I mate to my Lord… He Put the Breath in me the Breath of the Life.
I was Belong to Hinduism. But after know the Truth… I realised and encountered with Jesus Christ and with his Truth.
Lord gave me new life in him and I decided to Convict this life to him for his kingdom. And I’m interested, actually I love to study tha Bible to put his truth in front of all. In whole world by the Grace of God it will be. And in other ism study also I’m interested cause to explain before people’s the Truth and we can not explain the truth only by one side but to compare both… Cause both and everyone claims that there faith is truth and there God. And absolutely there is only one God and one truth. That’s Jesus Christ before 2000 years ago came from heaven to the Earth Died on that Cross and rose up from the Grave at the third day and he is the son Of God and claims to be God and the Only truth. And by God’s Help… I trust that he will make me able to work for his kingdom. I’m interested to do Doctrine in Bible study and to work for God’s kingdom as Speaker and answer for the Truth. Everything will be by God’s Grace…

What led you to join Connect?

How do you hope to contribute?

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Welcome to Connect, Ashuto. :smiley: It is so encouraging to hear your testimony- I can feel your passion through your writing. Praise the Lord for His working in your life! You mention Bible study- what are some topics you are currently interested?

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Philosophy of Religion, Christian Apologetics. Worldview. By the Grace of God I will be… And most important thing is… We have one work from very begining that to serve the Good news in whole world… :slight_smile:
And actually my name is “Ashutosh” By mistake I was wrote Ashuto… :smile::smile::smile:

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But the there is one thing that i have no support from my family… Cause my father who hates Christian… Because he belongs to hinduism. Sometime I thought like how it would be, how I can go to do Bible study and forward aim for Doctrine… I’m praying… And I trust that Lord have Plane for me and he will lead me and prepare the Way for me :slight_smile::slight_smile:

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Beautiful intorduction! Welcome @Ashutosh_Jadhav! We are so thankful to have you as part of the family :heart:

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Thanks to the Lord Almighty
And thanks too you also sister…

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Welcome @Ashutosh_Jadhav! It’s so encouraging to hear that you came out of Hinduism. I too came out of Hinduism several years ago. God bless your communication and witness before your family. May they come to know our mighty Savior as well! Looking forward to your contributions to this community.

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Amen… They will know his truth and taste His AGAPE Love… And become new creation in Lord’s Kingdom… Pray for my mother and me as we trust in Lord Jesus Christ… Pray that Lord strengthen us to be firmly stand in his faithfulness and in his Truth… To serve in everywhere… On this earth… And nice to hear you as you said that you also came from Hinduism… I’m so happy… :blush:, and I pray that Lord use you more and more for his kingdom.

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Hi Ashutosh! @Ashutosh_Jadhav
So glad that you’ve joined us! What a testimony you have!

This community is so special because it brings a global perspective to many questions and topics.

Your coming to faith out of Hinduism is so encouraging. I hope to hear more of your journey in the forums. I will pray for your father to see and understand the truth that you and your mother have found.

Be blessed :relaxed:

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God will bless u abundantly my brother, John 10:10​:heart::smirk:

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Amen… God Came to gives us Life which have no end…
Death is came because of our sin against God. From Adam and Eve.
But That Victory over death came from Lord Jesus…, God not gives us Death… But he gives us the Victory over Death.

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Thanks to the Lord and to you… For that you praying for us… God Help you to increase in His Kingdom… :blush: Thank you…

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Hey buddy! You’re most welcome here! People like you make up wonderful testimonies and the zeal you have for Christ is flowing in your message. Joyful to see you in the light of the truth shone upon you by our Lord & Saviour Jesus Christ.
Your burdens are ours too. Let’s talk and sort them out, the challenges we face in India, a cross cultural set up, where the good news is the most toughest thing to reach to them.

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@Ashutosh_Jadhav Dear Ashutosh, You wrote a remarkable post! Do not lose heart about your father. I was in a family of 5 and was the first to be saved. I prayed to the LORD for the rest of my family to be saved. We would have discussions and I would never let it lead to an argument. One by one, my entire family was saved except for the last one. We are all praying for her. I am praying for you and your family now. Your sister in Christ, Claire :heartbeat:

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Praise to Almighty God… That he turned your family in his Light… And I pray that Lord will turn that Last one also… And thank you Sister… For you Beautiful lines which you shared with me by the inspiration of our Lord. And yes… I’m praying for my family that Lord show them Right way, and to know that he is only and true God. Remember us in your prayers. I’ll keep pray for you ,family and that last one person which you said. All Glory to Lovely God… Amen

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Hello Ashutosh,

Local Dialect - Me paan Maharashtra Madhun (I am also from Maharashtra), Mumbai.

So glad to read your introduction & see the zeal. May God strengthen your more & mold you according to his divine purpose.

God Bless.

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Praise the Lord… God Bless you too Brother…
And actually in Maharashtra… Where are you living means… Which city.
I’m from Dhule.

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Continuing the discussion from Ashutosh Jadhav:


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God Bless you too brother and give you all his comfort and wisdom to work for his kingdom.
And thank you for your prayer… :slight_smile::slight_smile: