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I am very excited to announce that @Abdu_Murray will be back on Connect this coming week to take a turn in the Q&A hot seat! As you can see in his official biography below, Abdu is no stranger to thinking deeply and making big decisions in the face of immense pressure. Whenever I listen to him, I am struck by not just the comprehensive clarity of his communication, but by the pastoral way he seeks to connect with the questioners in the audience.

Whether you are new to this forum or a regular contributor, I would encourage you to seize this opportunity to engage with him! :slight_smile:

And if you have read and wish to read Abdu’s latest book, Saving Truth, we invite you to have a listen to @Shawn_Hart and @Ivy_Tyson’s podcast, ‘Cover to Cover’ and then join in on community book discussion found here.

Also, for additional fun, you can check out his Q&A from earlier this year here.

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Abdu’s RZIM bio

Abdu Murray is a speaker and Senior Vice President with Ravi Zacharias International Ministries and the author of three books, including his latest, Saving Truth: Finding Meaning and Clarity in a Post-Truth World . For most of his life, Abdu was a proud Muslim who studied the Qur’an and Islam. After a nine-year investigation into the historical, philosophical, and scientific underpinnings of the major world religions and views, Abdu discovered that the historic Christian faith can answer the questions of the mind and the longings of the heart.

Abdu has spoken to diverse international audiences and has participated in debates and dialogues across the globe. He has appeared as a guest on numerous radio and television programs all over the world and he hosts the upcoming new RZIM podcast, The Defense Rests.

Abdu holds a BA in psychology from the University of Michigan and earned his Juris Doctor from the University of Michigan Law School. As an attorney, Abdu was named several times in Best Lawyers in America and Michigan Super Lawyer .


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Hey there Abdu,

What with the recent two prominent Christians losing their faith which went viral across all media platforms, some Muslims attack Jesus’ words that nobody can snatch them out of my father’s hand. They also doubt the “once saved, always saved” idea.

How to respond to Muslims?


Hi Abdu,
Are there three resurrections? One being at the Rapture, another of those who rejected Christ and then those who are saved during the Tribulation and Millennium? Perhaps the “new heaven and new earth” there will be no need for a third resurrection. Thanks, Dave


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Hi Abdu. I spend a fair amount of time thinking about how we can reach the next generation with the gospel. You’ve been part of RZIM’s college outreach, right? What’s the secret sauce? I’m currently involved with a campus ministry, and soon to be involved with my church’s young adults ministry. I think we’ve done discipleship fairly well, but my hope has been that evangelism would follow, flowing naturally from a strong group of young Christians. This has not been the case.

My question has two parts. First, what do you think are the greatest barriers to belief of our time? I’ve read Saving Truth. Post-truthers aside, I also find that some students are simply mis-educated and strongly believe the “science” or philosophies they’ve been taught. While God’s given me some gifts that I greatly appreciate, I can’t argue biology (as a former business student) with a biology major. Until last week I thought I could hold my own with philosophy, but I ended up talking with a philosophy major who drowned me in a sea of relativism and low-epistemology. I know, answer the questioner, not the question. It’s not easy.

So, secondly, given said barriers, how can we practically reach students with the power and simplicity of the gospel? I’ve learned a lot over the years, but I’m starting to wonder whether apologetics really is just for the experts. I know RZIM has a great impact at our universities and beyond. Personally, I haven’t had much success moving a conversation from secondary to primary issues.

Separately, I think we’re past the Billy Graham era. People don’t want to be sold anything, I know I certainly don’t. Does that leave us only with relational evangelism? I like the idea of missional communities… I really think the concept of church needs to change / is changing. Think Francis Chan, David Platt, Tampa Underground… I could go on all day but I’ve taken up enough space already!

I pray you can make some sense of my thoughts here. Looking forward to your new podcast, please make it compatible with Google Podcasts if you can!

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