Ask Alex Stark (August 19-23, 2019)

Hi friends!

This week, @alexanderkstark joins us on the forum to field our questions. Alex is an Aussie and a graduate of the Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics (OCCA). He and his wife Kathleen (not me!) live in Oxford, as he’s currently serving with the UK team as an OCCA Fellow. Prior to studies at Oxford University, Alex completed a bachelor’s degree in theology back in Australia.

His research interests include post-structural feminism, Christian ethics, and the influence of big tech in our lives, so don’t hold back your tough questions in those fields! :wink: He is also interested in secularism and public theology.

He is passionate about communicating the Christian story both clearly and credibly in as many settings as possible, so do come to him with what’s turning over in your mind and heart.

EDIT: Each Q&A with Alex Stark is now in its own topic in order to make finding these resources easier.

Alex was with us back in March, and you can find his interactions here:


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I have heard people say that marriage is a metaphor for Christ being joined with the “bride” of the church so it is a holy and sacred covenant. In the old testament when people had several wives, what was the purpose of marriage for them? Jesus had not come yet and they did not know him.

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Hello Alex. I would like to ask whether genetic engineering like the use of CRISPR is biblical. Thank you.

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I want to study bible what can I do

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