Ask Alycia Wood (January 6-10, 2020)

Hello, friends!
After a two-week break, Ask RZIM kicks off the new year with itinerant speaker, Alycia Wood in the Q&A hot seat.

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@Alycia_Wood graduated from Roberts Wesleyan College with a degree in criminal justice and sociology and from Marygrove College with a master in social justice. She also graduated from the Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics (OCCA) and spent two years as an OCCA fellow with RZIM in New England. Alycia has addressed major issues surrounding faith to diverse audiences, whether at major universities or men’s and women’s prisons.

Additionally, she has traveled to countries such as Haiti, Honduras, the Dominican Republic, and Jamaica, volunteering at soup kitchens and orphanages as her passions for showing Christ extends beyond her local environment.

Alycia loves engaging with the person who finds Christianity ugly or unbelievable. She fully understands that there is confusing and misleading information about Christianity and Jesus in our societies today and she always welcomes every invitation that allows her to communicate the true message of the Bible.

She loves speaking on topics such as:

  • Why Should I Believe?
  • Why I’m Not an Atheist
  • Where Is God in Suffering?
  • Why I Am a Christian
  • If God Exists, Why Isn’t He More Obvious?
  • How Can Christianity Help Someone Who Is Experiencing Loneliness, Grief, and Sadness?
  • Atheism and the Burden of Proof
  • Why Jesus?
  • Is Christianity Intolerant and Outdated?
  • Does God Care about My Sex Life?
  • Why Am I Here?

Ask away, friends! :smile:


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Hi Alycia,

Thank you for taking our questions this week! I have enjoyed hearing your messages online.

My question relates to “where is God in suffering?” Recently I was talking with my friend who battles PTSD from his military combat; he has struggled so much that he’s attempted to take his own life on multiple occasions. I was trying to understand him and offer the hope of Christ, but my friend said he had tried to trust Jesus last year when he was suicidal, but he didn’t feel saved or helped by Him at all. Instead it was through talking with his non-believing friend that helped him through that moment. I know it would be impossible for you to give an answer to this situation without knowing all the details, as I don’t even know all the details. But could you speak to the question in a general sense? If someone does seek the Lord, but they don’t feel He has heard them or is saving them, why might that be? Is it because they didn’t have enough faith, or don’t understand the truth of who Jesus is? Or perhaps if they don’t fully surrender to Him, does the Lord keep himself hidden?

Thank you for your insight!


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Hi, @Alycia_Wood. Thank you for fielding our questions this week. One of the topics you speak on mentioned in your intro post by @KMac is Where is God in Suffering? This question has raised often in my life, some for me and some for others in my life. How do you explain where God is in suffering to someone who has faced situations a long time and wants healing or deliverance as the case may be but is still waiting? How do you marry suffering and faith?

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Hi Alycia, @Alycia_Wood, my question is “why do we object to suffering as humans? My daughter has had ulcerative colitis for 4+ years with multiple surgeries and the Lord showed me that this could be an opportunity to discuss with her how valuable she is to God. I have come to believe that in our suffering our value or worth is revealed in our suffering and our adversion to it. When we ask why me? Aren’t we really saying " this is not right” Obviously not just suffering. Can you give you’re thoughts on this please?

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Hi @Alycia_Wood I see you visited my home country of Jamaica. I hope you enjoyed. I am curious what is your feedback on the status of CHRISTianity and the church in Jamaica, pros and cons?


Hi Alicia,

one of my closest friends to whom I have been trying witness to, told me that he cannot believe how I can believe in Bible and such stuff, in his opinion smart people cannot believe in any religion. He knows verses quite well I invited him to church but refused to go. My friend has been hurt a lot by people, some cases I witnessed myself. On several occasions I heard him saying Lord’s name in vain. What should I do as Lord’s witness, what;s the best way to reach my friend with the truth?