Ask Alycia Wood (June 4-8, 2018)


(Levi Clements) #21

Hi Alycia thanks for answering all our questions! I have a friend who says he wont believe in the Bible because of the council of Nicea. He believes that since the Bible is written by men and put together by men he wont believe it. He says that since men are corrupt as christians teach we shouldnt believe our own bible. I tried to explain tk him that scripture is God breathed and it was written by men but divinely inspired by God. Is there any other way to present this?

(Steven White) #22

Thanks for answering. That is good to remember people frequently don’t want to respond to God so they neglect or ignore things they know of.

To explain what I meant by “Why doesn’t God manage his organizations better,” I thought of an illustration. Imagine in a smallish town there are two McDonalds’ restaurants. In one, the menu hasn’t changed since the 1970s, still nothing but burgers and fries. In the other, it is all the modern new choices, no burgers and fries. Furthermore, if you get to know the two managers , they each despise the other and suspect the other is secretly working for Burger King to make the McDonald’s name look bad.

Now this illustration seems all too familiar in what churches can be like, but in terms of businesses it seems odd. Part of why it seems odd is we would expect the McDonalds organization to step in and do something, give these two managers a severe talking to and then fire each of them if they didn’t mend their ways. But an intervention like that from God when churches are in conflict seems rare.

I conclude like you say, God reveals enough of himself so there is reason to believe but hides enough of himself that those who choose not to believe can do that. Also, I think God hides himself so that our commitment to believe requires faith, choosing to be convinced by some evidence when we cannot see every evidence we would like. Hebrews says faith is the conviction of things unseen, so that means some things have to remain unseen.

(Carson Weitnauer) #23