Ask Andy Wickham (June 17-21, 2019)

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We are so very exited to have Andy Wickham with us this next week to answer our burning life, apologetics and evangelism questions! Andy is the RZIM Regional Director for Europe. He studied theology at Schloss Mittersill Study Centre (Austria) and earned his MTh in Old Testament Theology from UNISA. He also spent a year in the UK at the Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics, and previous to his current role directing the RZIM office in Spain and serving Europe, he was a staff worker for Grupos Bíblicos Universitarios (GBU) in southern Spain.

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During the last decade, Andy has spoken on the Christian faith and engaged in Q&A sessions in many different contexts across Spain, most often with audiences of skeptic university students. Andy enjoys engaging with secular audiences around life’s big questions and topics such as hope, the Resurrection, the trustworthiness of the Bible, belief in God in the 21st century, or faith as a psychological crutch.

Andy is also committed to investing in the next generation. He started Proclama in 2013, a joint mentorship initiative between RZIM and GBU to raise a generation able to communicate the Christian message in the public arena, concretely in the Spanish academic context. Despite Andy’s British surname, his first language is Spanish. He lives in Madrid with his wife, Elizabeth, and their three children.

You can listen to Andy’s talks on the podcast, Las Razones de la Fe. Just know that they’re all in Spanish!

Do reply to this thread to ask him a question either in Spanish or English! Though, since the main language of this forum is English, if you choose to communicate in Spanish, a quick English translation would be much appreciated. :slight_smile:


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Hi Andy,

How do you help Christians overcome their fear of proclaiming the good news?


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Why should we be punished for Adam’s and Eve’s sins?

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