Ask Cameron McAllister (January 27-31, 2020)

Hello, @Interested_In_Ask_RZIM fam!

This week we’re excited to welcome itinerant speaker and podcast host Cameron McAllister to the Connect Q&A forum!

@Cameron_McAllister is the host of Vital Signs, a weekly podcast exploring signs of life in today’s culture, and the co-host (with Nathan Rittenhouse) of Thinking Out Loud, a podcast that considers current events and Christian hope. He is also a staff writer with Christ and Pop Culture, where he explores the intersection of Christianity and popular culture. His film and television reviews have appeared in Christianity Today and Think Christian. He holds a degree in philosophy and religion from Toccoa Falls College and recently earned a master’s in cultural apologetics from Houston Baptist University.

Cameron was born on the mission field in Vienna, Austria. He moved to the US with his family in 1998 when his father, Stuart McAllister, began working with RZIM. Cameron and his wife, Heather, currently reside in Georgia.

Happy asking!


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Three of the four main passages _Ephesians, Philippians , Collisions 1Corinthians - mentions the wife’s role first before the man’s role in marriage. Could this be considered an indicator that if the wife performs her role the man is more likely to follow in his role? Thanks


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Thanks for the question. I need some clarification first: What role do you think the wife plays in these passages?

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