Ask Charles Joseph (August 26-30, 2019)

Hello, all!
This week, we are privileged to have Charles Joseph, writer and itinerant speaker with RZIM in India, with us on Connect to answer our questions about faith and life. As I come from a western perspective, I always look forward to hearing from our speakers who are engaged in ministry in parts of the world that differ from my own. So don’t let this opportunity pass you by! :slight_smile:

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Charles Joseph’s RZIM bio
Charles Premkumar Joseph is an alumnus of the renowned Christian Medical College and Hospital, Vellore. With a post professional masters in cardio-pulmonary physical therapy, he served as both a lecturer and Lead Clinical Therapist in the Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. In over a decade of clinical practice, he distinguished himself as an expert in soft tissue pain management and haemophilia rehabilitation. He has publications in peer-reviewed medical journals and his clientele included heads of Indian States, prominent members of the society, and the poorest of the poor. Charles also holds a master in psychology.

Answering the call to rehabilitate the soul and not just the body, he made a major career shift in 2010 and joined the RZIM team fulltime and serves as an itinerant speaker and writer. He is also the Editor of Engage, RZIM India’s online apologetics quarterly. He has also helped in co-editing the book Life and Teachings of Maha Satguru Yeshu published by the Bible Society of India. Charles has spoken in various settings in India and abroad and has enjoyed his engagements with college students and corporates alike on a variety of topics. He enjoys public and private Q&A sessions and delights in discussing faith one-on-one with both seekers and skeptics.

His areas of interest include the uniqueness of Christ, comparative religion, contemporary issues, holistic health, and conversational apologetics. He makes his home in Mumbai with his wife, Priscilla, and daughter Mishaelle.


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