Ask Christian Hofreiter (November 11-15, 2019)

Happy Friday!

New week, new speaker in the hot seat. :fire: This week we are privileged to have The Reverend Dr. Christian Hofreiter joining us from the lovely city of Vienna (Austria, not Virginia).

Christian is the Director of RZIM Austria, Germany, and Switzerland (the Zacharias Institut für Wissenschaft, Kultur und Glaube), a research fellow at the Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics, and, most recently, the author of Making Sense of Old Testament Genocide: Christian Interpretations of Herem Passages which was published by Oxford University Press last year. (Helloooo, Christmas stocking-stuffer idea.:christmas_tree:)

EDIT: Each Q&A with Christian Hofreiter is now in its own topic in order to make finding these resources easier.

Christian studied theology at Oxford University, earning three degrees (MA, MSt, DPhil), winning several prizes and scholarships, and gaining the top first-class award in 2008. His doctoral research focused on the Christian interpretation of “genocide texts” in the Old Testament. Before arriving in Oxford, Christian worked in a government relations firm in Washington, DC, which represented the interests of foreign governments and other clients to the United States Congress and Administration, and also served as deacon at the Church of the Resurrection on Capitol Hill.

Prior to that, Christian worked in Austria as a freelance interpreter and as a lecturer in translation at the University of Innsbruck, where he had previously completed master’s degrees in translation and interpreting. He also studied intercultural communication at Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena, California, and wrote his translation master’s thesis under the supervision of biblical translation theorist Eugene A. Nida.

Oh, and he’s also an ordained Anglican minister.

All that to say, academically and pastorally, you’re in good hands, so don’t be shy. Happy asking! :smile:


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Hi Christian! Thanks so much for answering our questions. Here’s mine:

I was struck by the diversity of your background. Could you share about how you sought the Lord for direction about your calling and how he has directed your path?

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