Ask Gerson Mercadal (May 25-29, 2020)

Greetings, @Interested_In_Ask_RZIM family and @ApologistasHispanos!

As we grieve together the loss of Ravi, I wanted to remind everyone that members of the team are still available each week to take your questions. This week, we are very excited to welcome @Gerson_Mercadal back to the forum!

Gerson is an itinerant speaker with Fundación RZ, RZIM’s regional office in Spain. He holds a degree in building engineering from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia, a certificate in Christian apologetics from the Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics (OCCA), and a certificate in theological studies from Wycliffe Hall (University of Oxford).

Gerson has been working closely with university students during the last five years, first as a volunteer with Universities and Colleges Christian Fellowship (UCCF) in Canterbury, then as a student worker with Trinity Church Oxford (:partying_face:), discipling and preaching as part of the leadership team, and finally as a staff worker with IFES in Madrid for three years, a role that he pursued alongside his time as an OCCA fellow based in Madrid. As a fulltime itinerant, he now enjoys opportunities to speak in other settings, but he always loves to come back to the universities and to get to know students. The goal continues to be to make Jesus known and to break down intellectual and emotional barriers to the biblical gospel.

Gerson enjoys speaking on a variety of topics and always enjoys preparing new talks. Amongst other topics, Gerson has spoken on “Why Jesus? Aren’t All Religions the Same?” “Where Is God When It Hurts?” “Is God Against Sex?” “Is the Christian Hope a Fairytale?” and “Is There More To Life Than This?"

Gerson is passionate about reaching both the highly secular anti-theists in Spain and the nominally Christian who have not yet embraced the freedom and truth of the message of Jesus.

Do reach out with your questions below! :arrow_down:


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