Ask Jill Carattini (December 9-13, 2019)


This week we are really excited to have Jill Carattini in the Q&A hot seat.

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@Jill_Carattini is RZIM’s Director of Apologetics, Theology, and the Arts and managing editor of A Slice of Infinity, a daily creative writing resource considering themes from faith and culture. She holds a degree in religion from Hope College, a master of divinity from Western Theological Seminary, and a ThM from Duke University, where she studied sacramental theology and the arts. Jill is ordained as a specialized minister in the Reformed Church of America, where she serves on the theology commission.

She is a frequent speaker and panelist and is the acting curator of Still Point, a formal gallery and new focus in RZIM’s growing emphasis on the arts and imagination as a critical means to engage contemporary culture with the person of Christ.

She has lived and worked within a Native American community in Oklahoma, and has studied in the Middle East, participating in a program aimed at understanding the culture, history, and politics of the Middle Eastern conflict. Jill is a native of Pentwater, Michigan, and currently resides with her husband, Tony, and their son in Atlanta, Georgia.


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Hello Jill and thank you for taking time to consider our questions. I was hoping you may be able to help advise me of possible resources or actions I could take to help a friend of mine who has a very rationalist approach to all his thinking. The problem is not that he does not have sound arguments to his Christian faith or sound arguments in other discussions he has in life, it is that he can’t understand why people he speaks with, don’t after discussion, see and understand what appears to be self-explanatory once the sound argument is given. He can’t rationalize why a rational argument does not work all the time. I would appreciate your advice on maybe ways to help him to see that people are very multifaceted in our emotional, psychological and spiritual makeups, and that there can be different tacks in being able to share truths with others, as well as coming to understand others in a deeper way.

Thank you :slight_smile:


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I am a huge fan of your ‘Slice of Infinity’ articles, for many reasons. For now, I have two questions:

1 ) Do you have any tips for how you go about publishing in-depth, well-written, well-researched articles on a daily basis? (My key question here is how you manage it on a daily basis)

2 ) I am a Christian who writes for mainly secular clients, many of whom are fine artists. I sometimes struggle with their chosen approach or subject matter, but mostly have a deep respect for their vulnerability in expression and want to serve their agenda with my writing. (Also, this is obviously my professional duty.) As the texts are promotional and not review or opinion pieces, my opinion is not really valid, just my writing/fine art expertise.
Do you ever find yourself in the position of ‘anonymous author’ of something you don’t necessarily agree with, and if you do, how do you manage this tension?

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Could you please tell us how you select the paintings you have in the majority of your articles? I have a passion for art and I am always impressed by the perfect match between your text and the art work you choose.


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