Ask Jose Philip (October 14-18, 2019)

Hello, friends!
I’m always excited to have a member of the RZIM Asia-Pacific speaking team join us here on the forum, and this week we’re thrilled to have Jose Philip back with us to answer our faith and life questions! If you are unfamiliar with his ministry and story, I encourage you to watch this short video, where he shares a bit about how he met Christ and decided to enter into full-time speaking ministry.

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Jose’s bio

Jose Philip was born in Kerala and grew up in Chennai, India. He graduated from Loyola College in 1992 and went on to complete his master’s degree in zoology from the same institute in 1994. He was the first student from Loyola to be awarded the Tamil Nadu State Science Council Scholarship for his master’s research in prawn biology. Jose worked as a prawn biologist in India before going to the Middle East to join a software firm in 2001.

Jose became a follower of Jesus Christ when he was fourteen years old. However, it was only after moving to Dubai that he discovered nothing satisfied him more than “teaching and preaching the Word.” In 2005, he resigned from his position as Head of Operations and left to pursue his theological studies in Singapore. During his studies at the Singapore Bible College, Jose distinguished himself by becoming the first student in the history of the institution to have secured two master’s simultaneously. He completed both his master of divinity in Biblical studies and his master of theology from Singapore Bible College in May 2008.

Jose is currently serving as an evangelist and apologist with the Asia-Pacific team. He also lectures on apologetics, Christian ethics, and gospel and culture at Singapore Bible College, Baptist Theological Seminary, and Bible College Malaysia. Jose is married to Cinu who is a special educator by training, and they are blessed with two children, Jayden and Yaira. They are currently based in Singapore.


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Good Morning Jose,

Thank you for taking the time to consider questions this week. I was wondering if you have a rubric in your mind when you engage with atheists that helps you discern how to approach the gospel? I am meeting weekly with a Jewish gentleman in his early 90’s who professes to be an atheist. He reports being satisfied with a full life, and believes life will just stop when he dies. He says he is open to some religious discussion, as long as no one “tries to force their beliefs on him”. We have had many wonderful conversations about his life and various passions (art, running, firefighting, movies), but I am having a hard time thinking of how to approach the gospel, or what doors to test to see if it might lead to fruitful conversation. Do you have any recommendations?

Thanks for your time and consideration,


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