Ask Josh Chatraw (May 21-25, 2018)


(Helen Tan) #21

Wow, thanks, @joshchatraw, for taking the time to provide such a detailed and clear explanation! I’ve not thought of EA in such an insightful way and how it can connect to the Gospel. I’m looking forward to learning more from your new book. I’ve also learned from the article you wrote in the Journal of Biblical and Theological Studies entitled “A Way forward for Pastors-Apologists: Navigating the apologetic method debate.” Thank you for taking us to a deeper level in our apologetic pursuits.

(Jerry Mitchell ) #22

Hello Josh,
This is my first time on Connect and not sure how to post questions, so please forgive me if I’m posting this in the wrong area.
In a quick conversation the other day with a man of confusing understanding who was explaining his faith to me, said with complete confidence, that in the Tora - it did not mention the word sin. I had a few things pop in my head like the the atonement for sin “Yom Kippur” I did a quick google search for the answer to this, but found many different perversion. That leads me to this trusssed place. How would you respond to such a statement?

(Jimmy Sellers) #23

@joshchatraw I really appreciate all your wonderful answers to the great question from the community. I am sure that you have heard this many times but how do you get more traditional and fundamentalist churches to take a serious look at apologetics. I attend a wonderful Southern Baptist Church with a heart for Jesus and a heart for the lost in and around our community. Our preacher is rooted and grounded in the word of God. The music program is a worship service by its self. We have local state and foreign mission programs a great youth program but nothing centered in or geared towards apologetics. How do I get them to heed the need?

(Josh) #24

I trust you and your family are okay. I am sorry to hear of the volcanic activity in your home state. I pray for the Lord’s mercy.

I agree. Part of the way the church loves our unbelieving neighbors is by engaging with their issues with Christianity. I’d like aspiring apologists to read more widely. Yes, certainly, read philosophy! But also read novels. Open up your imagination so you are better at opening up other people’s imagination (a la C. S. Lewis). Also, sociology is important, but often neglected by aspiring apologists. All apologetics makes contextualized arguments because you are never talking to a man or woman in the abstract–no "person in the abstract "exists. For this reason, we need to understand how culture works and the general trends in different contexts. One final note: theology and biblical studies is the basis for faithful apologists. I am in favor of getting a deep foundation in the scriptures and biblical theology as a basis for the apologetic enterprise.

(Caleb Brown) #25

Thank you for your advice–it is helpful.

My family is fine–the volcano is on a different island, so the worst they are experiencing is a lot of smoke. But there is a lot of devastation on the Big Island, so your prayers for those there are appreciated!

(Carson Weitnauer) #26