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Ask Kasey Leander (March 23-27, 2020)

Happy Saturday, @Interested_In_Ask_RZIM friends!

This week we are excited to welcome back OCCA fellow @Kasey_Leander into the Q&A hot seat. :fire:

EDIT: Each Q&A with Kasey Leander is now in its own topic in order to make finding these resources easier.

Prior to his time at the OCCA, Kasey earned a degree in history and PPE (politics, philosophy, and economics) from Taylor University. He has worked briefly in politics, serving as an intern in the US Senate in Washington, DC. While living in Boston, he spoke for events at universities including MIT, Harvard, Brown, Yale, Boston University, and Boston College Law.

As an OCCA fellow, Kasey speaks widely on the philosophical underpinnings of popular culture, the need for God in moral reasoning, and the historical credibility of the Christian message. Kasey originally hails from Colorado Springs, Colorado, and harbors a love of mountains, food trucks, and spectacular views.

Reply to below to ask your question of him! In the meantime, check out some of his writing and speaking :point_down:


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