Ask Michael Ramsden (Nov. 2019)

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I just got word on an exciting bonus Q&A opportunity that I wanted to share with you all. In the run up to (American) Thanksgiving, our International Director, the-one-and-only Michael Ramsden, will be taking your questions! Once we gather all the questions for him, we will then record his answers in the studio and release them here on the Connect community as they are finalised.

The usual guidelines apply, and just reply to this thread with your question. :slight_smile: Don’t let this opportunity pass you by!

And don’t forget to also ask a question of this week’s featured itinerant, Shawn Hart, here.

Michael’s RZIM bio

In addition to being RZIM’s I.D., Michael is one of the founders of The Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics. He spent most of his childhood in the Middle East and later moved to the UK, where he worked for the Lord Chancellor’s Department investing funds. Michael went on to teach jurisprudence at the University of Sheffield, whilst doing research in law and economics.

His passion is to engage with people of all backgrounds and cultures about questions of faith, which he has been doing for over twenty years. He speaks in business, academic, political and other settings across the globe, ranging from Europe and the Middle East, to Asia and the Americas. Michael helps oversee the international team of RZIM speakers based in sixteen offices worldwide, and he lives in Oxford with his wife, Anne, and their three children.


Hello Michael! Just wanted to say thanks for all you do and that some of your videos have helped me a lot. :blush:

My question is when you are going through rough times what are some of the things you do to encourage yourself? As a Christian sometimes I find it hard to help others when I feel that I’m drowning myself.

Thank you for answering :blush:



The Bible is filled with God’s use of dreams and visions and RZIM speakers reference areas of the world in which many come to the faith even today because of such. Acts 2:17 speaks of an outflowing of the Spirit in the end days that will lead to prophesy, visions and dreams, so they seem to be firmly part of God’s future (and maybe present?) communication plan. But, it seems the church in the developed world and in many denominations has neglected this tool in God’s toolbox and relegated it to a non-necessary, irrelevant, historic feature of the faith. How should the modern church consider this? What are good resources to access to gain a better understanding of the issues related to this area?




Hi Michael,
I was introduced to your YouTube videos by RZIM, which have been a great encouragement to meas I’ve been walking through the most difficult time of my life. I would love to hear your Biblical understanding of what it means to be “filled with the Holy Spirit” , is speaking in tongues the evidence of this infilling, and if not, what importance does speaking in tongues have in the church today.
Thank you for considering this question.


Hi Michael. Thank you for all you do. I have been really blessed by your videos on Youtube and the talks you give.
I was recently asked this question and would like to know how you would have answered.
Ephesians says we are saved by grace through faith, and not by works. Paul later says that certain people practicing certain behaviours will not inherit the kingdom of God. Although we can’t earn salvation through works, can we work ourselves out of salvation? If that is the case - is that not the same thing as salvation through works?
I hope the question is clear.
Blessings, Keith


Dear Michael

I absolutely love all that you do for the church. Your blend of humour, logic and love for the Lord are an inspiration to us all.

My question is I have lots of bible knowledge as I study the word and listen to sermons for about two hours in the day. I understand the way of salvation thanks to you and others but I seldom spread the word as I find it difficult to know how to start a conversation or is that an excuse on my part and it because I don’t love and believe enough? James 2:18 says “How can you show me your faith if you don’t have good deeds? I will show you my faith by my good deeds.”. This has lead me of late to doubt my salvation as surly if I have a burden for the lost I would find a way. I would be interested in your view. Looking forward to your reply.

Once again thank you for all that you do.

God bless



Hello Micheal! I have heard that you are the president of RZIM succeeding Ravi as the new leader. May God guide you sir.

I just want to ask where is the West heading now in the spectrum? If it is portmodernism, is there a chance that there will be another “ism” above postmodernism?

I came from the East, particularly, Philippines. And it is also happening here. Where do you think globalization will lead the East as well?

Thanks a lot sir Micheal :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :wink: :wink: :slight_smile:

Will look forward for the response :slight_smile:

Hi, Dr. Ramsden,
Greatly enjoy watching you on YouTube. Thank you for taking questions!

The Barna Group report “Survey: Christians Are Not Spreading the Gospel” states that in the U.S. “just one out of every five adults (21%) strongly affirms a personal responsibility to share their religious beliefs with people who hold different beliefs than they do.”

My question is this: What advice do you give to those of us in faith-based education who work with Christian adolescents who hold this postmodern belief that their faith is only personal and not something to be shared with others?

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Hello Michael,
Thank you for taking time to help us with our questions. I appreciate all that the RZIM team does to reach out with the good news of Christ’s love for us. Ecclesiastes says, “God has set eternity in our heart.” I have been taught that our souls go on living after our bodies die, and believers live with God forever. This is what gives us hope. Should we think of ourselves as merely mortal beings if we truly believe that we are looking forward to living in eternity with God?

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Hello, Michael,

I am grateful for the work our Heavenly Father has accomplished through using you for His glory. One of the theological issues that stalls a 17-year-old young man who is in my daughter’s speech and debate club is his claim that Genesis 1 is Hebrew poetry and not history. He claims that God created homo sapiens and humans but not together. I have been asking him at what point then did God decide to knit an eternal soul to said homo sapien to create mankind, and I’m not getting answers from him. He is a very respectful young man, but he has bought into the idea that “science” disproves Genesis 1 being literal. Not having a background in Hebrew, I am unsure as to how to answer him, although I have read that it is written in historical language. Do you have any input on that? Thank you for your time. I appreciate it very much.

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What advice do you have for someone like myself who is married and has 4 kiddos, 37 years old. With no college? Going back to school right now seems like such a HUGE undertaking and cost. I have a great career. But, I feel called into Apologetics/Evangelism and it seems like most people have Masters or PHDs in this field.


Hi Michael.

With the increasing power and interconnections through social media, people are utilizing this medium to post their mundane activities or even the serious issues of life such as death.
Recently I’ve stumbled upon a vlogger that posted (and confirmed) her final video as she announced her impending departure on earth.

My question is two-fold:
How far would you reach out to a dying (unbeliever) person whether they are just a random or a close friend to witness for Christ?
Where do you draw the line between directly proclaiming the gospel or just reasoning out the Christian faith with a dying person.

Thank you


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