Ask Michael Suderman (May 27-31, 2019)

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This coming week, we’re thrilled to have @Michael_Suderman, a member of the RZIM US speaking team, available to answer our apologetic and evangelism questions!

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Michael’s Bio:

Though originally from a small-town in Kansas, Michael is now based in Washington DC. He graduated from Tabor College with a double major in Philosophy and Biblical and Religious Studies, and a minor in Psychology. Michael continued his studies at the University of Oxford where he completed a Master’s of Theology alongside two years of study at the Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics.

His topical interests include the rationality of belief and the intersection of Christianity and culture. His passion is to help facilitate the discovery and rediscovery of Jesus by communicating and clarifying the gospel as the most profound answer to life’s most meaningful questions.

Prior to studying in Oxford, Michael was involved with youth and university ministries and participated in educational and volunteer work throughout India. When he’s not doing evangelism and apologetics you might find him watching a football game, spending time outdoors, working on his golf game, or enjoying all that DC and NYC (just a few hours away) have to offer.


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Hi Micheal I know that before Jesus started his ministry he was tempted 3 times which are mentioned in the bible by the devil, I believe he was also tempted by the Peter when he suggested that he not go to the cross. I also think the bible says that Jesus is our high priest who was tempted in every way that we are which was used to explain that Jesus was tempted sexually like all people by an author i was reading. I found this to be very offensive and have to admit could not take the author seriously after this which I’m realising might not have been fair. Would you say this was is a fair assumption for the author to make and it takes away nothing from Jesus if he did experience such desires but it was just him being fully human. What of the part Jesus says even looking at a woman lustfully is adultery? Are there specific areas we could say Jesus was tempted in his human nature and not others?

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Thank you so much for taking questions! I will also join @Keldon_Scott and others in prayer. I recently moved to Washington DC from Kansas for the summer, and draw much encouragement from the ways you’ve highlighted how the Gospel’s message of forgiveness speaks into the culture and pressures of government. Are there other ways that you find the Gospel resonates uniquely with those involved in government? And are there outreach opportunities that you’ve heard of for Christian government employees?