Ask Sam Raju (June 15-19, 2020)

Hello, @Interested_In_Ask_RZIM friends!

After a couple of weeks break, the Ask RZIM Q&A forum is back open! This week, we are excited to welcome @Samraju from the India team to the seat.

Sam is an itinerant speaker and trainer with RZIM India. He has spoken extensively in several countries on a wide range of topics such as, “Does God Exist?” “Why Suffering,” “Truth in a Postmodern World,” “The Discovery of True Love,” “Has Science Buried God?” “The Discipline of Prayer,” “Meaning in a Meaningless World,” “Leadership in a Fragmented World,” and “The Historicity of the Resurrection.”

His bout with a rare and aggressive form of cancer has fueled his interest to study the age-old question of God and suffering. His passion lies in reaching people for Christ and seeing them grow in understanding God’s love, ways, and purposes.

Sam holds a master’s degree in psychology with highest honors from Mahatma Gandhi University, Kerala, following which he enrolled for pre-doctoral studies in rehabilitation psychology with the hopes of pursuing a doctorate in neuropsychology. However, his growing interest in apologetics led him to secure a master’s degree in philosophy with honors at the reputed Biola University.

Sam is a member of the Evangelical Philosophical Society, the American Philosophical Association, and an international affiliate of the American Psychological Association. He contributes regularly to Christian and secular publications. Sam and his wife, Amy, make their home in Gurgaon, India.

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@Samraju Thanks for making this insightful case for apologetics as well as it’s practical impact in turning men to Christ.

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