Ask Sanj Kalra (April 20-24, 2020)

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New week; new speaker in the Q&A hot seat. :fire: This week we are excited to welcome to the forum itinerant speaker, @Sanj_Kalra.

Sanj was born in New Delhi, India, and comes from a Hindu background. His family immigrated to Ottawa, Canada, where he grew up through high school. He was then awarded a tennis scholarship at the University of Akron, Ohio, where he was graduated with a degree in business management. He worked in the medical device sales industry for over twenty years.

Despite enjoying unprecedented personal success, Sanj eventually went spinning out of control until, in a state of deep crisis, he had a dramatic encounter with Jesus Christ in June of 2010. Until that point, pleasure and indulgence were all he lived for. The transformation that Jesus brought to him is one of the most remarkable testimonies of our time. He joined the RZIM team in 2015 and now shares his story and messages throughout the globe. The impact he has is particularly felt among the young and the business world. He has spoken at churches and conferences where the response has always been heartwarming.

As part of the RZIM team, Sanj’s role also includes being the Vice President of Strategic Partnerships at RZIM. His focus is on meaning and purpose and how Jesus Christ can give us new desires.He is married to Kay and they are blessed with two daughters.

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Hello, I for one if not here would love to hear the journey from a Hindu to faith in Christ. If not here then maybe a link to that thread. Thank you


Hi Mike, nice to meet you!!

Here is a link to my story.

Please write back to me if you have any questions.




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Hi Sanj,

I just had the privilege of watching the video of your testimony. So encouraging and uplifting to hear about the work of Christ on your behalf and also in the lives of your family members.

As someone who has grown up in a Christian home, could you please give me some ideas of good questions to ask or ways to start a meaningful dialogue about spiritual things with my Hindu friends.

I pray that the Lord will continue to bless your ministry, your family, and your relationship with Him.

May I risk a personal question? How is your father? I heard you asking others to pray for his salvation. Are you still seeking prayers on his behalf? If so, I am happy to join in.

Thank you for the time, prayers and service you have invested and are investing in advancing the kingdom and serving the King.

May you be blessed,


Hi @Sanj_Kalra, I was so blessed by your testimony, thank you so much :pray:t3: When you witnessed to your neighbors, work colleagues and friends, how did you approach them and how did they react?
Also, what was the reaction from your “enemies “?
You have inspired me, God bless you :heart:


Thank you so much for the link, I truly was blessed to hear your story. I thoroughly as well enjoyed that message. I know I am late asking but who in the passage did you identify with? Was it Jacob or Esau or Joseph in particular or someone else. Just curious as I usually find familiarality with one of the people I share about in a passage.
Thanks for your service to the Lord.

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Hi MaryBeth and thanks for your questions. What I would do is research and read about Hinduism. there are lots of books and resources online for you to at least get the basics of Hinduism. And the two pillars of Hinduism is reincarnation and karma. Because there are so many denomination and sects of Hinduism. But have a basic understanding of Hinduism before you go into the conversation is what I would recommend. And now you’ll be able to ask questions to the person in front of you. And then ask questions about why they believe what they believe. By studying and researching Hinduism it’ll show the person that you care about who they are.
Yes, please continue to pray for my father he still does not know the Lord. He’s 85 years old.

Bless you



Thanks Mike for the encouragement I definitely I would say that I would be Jacob in the story. Especially being the younger brother in the family. Bless you brother!


Thanks for sharing this Sanj, it’s very useful

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Hello Sig and thanks for your questions. I approached my neighbors and friends and family one at a time I was honest And transparent. I made appointments with them I was wanting to just share my story and my new love for Jesus Christ! I not only wanted to tell him what happened to me but that they could also have a relationship with Christ. Meeting with my enemies was not easy. I was able to set up private meetings and I was able to write to to some of them too. I first apologize to them and I explained the gospel to them. This was over a two-year period and I received positive responses from my enemies. But as you know friends and family we are the toughest and they all weren’t positive responses. I really feel a good practice is to write out your testimony so that you can send it to people if you don’t quite have the courage to meet one on one. Again none of this was easy but it was worth it. I saw many friends and family give their life to the Lord and I reconciled with my enemies.

I hope this is helpful.

blessings Sanj


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