Ask Shawn Hart (November 18-22, 2019)

Hello, friends!
This coming week we’ll be welcoming the Assistant Director of the Zacharias Institute and co-host of the Cover To Cover podcast, @Shawn_Hart, to the forum. Shawn is one of the most personable and pastoral people I have ever had the privilege of meeting, and I am excited that he is bringing his insight to this community!

Of course, Shawn and his co-host Ivy are also accessible via the Cover to Cover category here on Connect. This time around, they are going through Sam Allberry’s 7 Myths About Singleness, so grab the book and join them in the discussion!

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Shawn’s RZIM bio

In addition to serving as the Assistant Director of the Zacharias Institute, Shawn is a member of the US speaking team. He began serving with Young Life shortly after becoming a Christian in his early twenties. During these years, a desire to take the gospel to unreached people groups in the world motivated Shawn and his wife, Carly, eventually taking them to Africa where they served with Africa Inland Mission from 2008-2012. They served among an unreached, animistic people group in the mountains of South Sudan, and an unreached Muslim people group on a coastal African island.

During his time in Africa, Shawn saw the need and benefit of apologetics in evangelism and discipleship. Cross-cultural mission work stirred in him a love for culture and an interest in thinking about how to respectfully engage with people from diverse cultural perspectives.

Shawn worked in campus ministry prior to joining RZIM and he is passionate about bringing the gospel to university campuses. He heads up RZIM’s university missions weeks and continues to lead the movement he helped start in Portland, Oregon.

Shawn has a certificate in theological studies from Oxford University and a degree in ministry and leadership from Western Seminary. He currently lives in Alpharetta, Georgia, with his wife and their three young children.


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Hi Shawn, another question I have for you is how you approach evangelism in temporary environments. An airplane ride, an Uber trip, sitting next to someone on a train or bus, etc… what’s your mindset and goal in those contexts?


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Hey @Shawn_Hart, thanks so much for being on #ask-rzim this week! As you are out and about on college campuses, what is the most common question that you are encountering? And how do you go about answering it?


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