Ask Yutaro Kato (February 17-21, 2020)

Hello, friends!
This coming week, we are excited to welcome back Yutaro Kato to Connect Q&A floor to answer your questions about life and faith. @yutaro is a graduate of the Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics and serves as an OCCA fellow in the Asia-Pacific region. Indeed, he is the first ever fellow from Japan! :japan:

EDIT: Each Q&A with Yutaro Kato is now in its own topic in order to make finding these resources easier.

Yutaro comes from a long family line of Christians. His grandfather founded the church in Yutaro’s home city of Fukuoka, where his uncle and grandfather now lead the church. His father is also serving a church near Kobe, Japan. Yutaro is currently working in Singapore and sharing the beauty and truth of the Christian message at universities, marketplaces, and churches. He’s also an incredibly kind and compassionate person, so your questions are in safe hands.

If you have a question for Yutaro, do reply in to the thread below. Ask away! :smile:


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