Asking for prayer with my family

I have a adopted sister who adopted a child. He is my nephew and I love him very much as does the rest of the family. Any time she gets angry she uses him to get back at us.

People say to walk away, but leaving a child who has grown up knowing the whole family and us loving him and him loving us is extremely difficult. Also considering his mother being disabled and addicted to prescription medications, it’s not the best option for him.

The truth is we are all tired of the drama she brings. And I will say my father contributes to this drama as well and leaves me and my mother to deal with it. I’m tired of feeling held hostage by my nephews mother and I’m tired of feeling held hostage by my father’s lack of consideration for others.

Please be praying that God helps everyone to mature and do what’s right. And if not that then at least enable the right people to have their own means so everyone can leave the other alone.


@Luna Praying for healing, hope and strength in the Spirit :slight_smile:

This is a classic book that has some advice on dealing with dysfunctional situations in a way that can hopefully help everyone involved, if you think it would be helpful.


Hi @Luna,

Really sad to hear what you are going through. The toughest challenge is always the one that involves our family, because we can’t just walk away, and have to live with it day in day out.

Really hope things take a turn for the better. Will keep you in my prayer list. Please do update your situations here if there’s any new development, so we all can update our prayer as well.

Stay strong, Luna. Blessings


Please know that we feel your torment and pray deliverance over the situation. May the peace of Christ be with you and may your sister and nephew be blessed by your love and the Lord’s such that his presence is felt in a real life changing way.


Things chilled out for a little bit but started back up again. She apologized to everyone for her behavior sometime after I made this post. She said her medication has her in a bad state of mind. While I do believe that I also believe she’s abusing the medication.

Today she started back up again and I could tell she was high. She was being overly aggressive which happens with certain medications. What I don’t understand is why Drs keep prescribing medications that they can clearly see aren’t helping their patient.

Part of me wants to contact her Dr and tell her of the behavior we’ve been seeing.


Sorry to hear that… That is frustrating. Praying for wisdom :slight_smile:


Hi Luna,

I applaud you for being candid and honest. That is a good start to healing.

I am sorry for the hardship you and your family are going through. I am praying that God will use this in amazing ways to bring good to all involved.

Something that has helped me to weather hardships is finding scripture that applies to the situation and recite it and memorize what I can.

As examples-
Isaiah 54.17 No weapon (satan, drugs, etc.,) formed against Luna or her family will prosper.
1 John 3.8b. For this purpose the Son of God was manifested that He might destroy the works of the devil.
Isaiah 61 whole chapter.
And any others that speak to you personally.

Again, Luna, I appreciate your openness. You and your family are in my prayers.

Grace and peace,
Mary Beth


Hang in there. Here is hoping that the Lord gives you perseverance and his presence as you endure. I have just prayed for you and your situation. I request the Lord’s grace on @Luna and her family that they may know your healing power and that the fruits of the spirit in patience, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control would be theirs. Let those fruits impact the family in a way that yields joy and relief from the rigors of the issues they must contend.