Astronomical discoveries and thinking about God

(Brian Weeks) #1

In response to Sean’s recent thread:

I like your follow-up questions, Carson as they’re helping us become better prepared. And I think Sean’s response does a good job of touching on several of the tensions in this atheist’s reply.

If I may, I’d like to submit something else to get others’ thoughts on in addition to Carson’s question. I’d love to hear what others think about the news that Sean originally posted from the perspective of what it says about God.

When I hear of news like this, one of the things it makes me think of and rejoice in is the unsearchable size, inexhaustible wonder, and infinite enjoyment of God. When I hear of news of the ever-expanding, incomprehensibly massive and beautiful universe in comparison to this walnut that we call the Milky Way and to this speck of dust that we call Earth and to tiny little me on this tiny little speck of dust, I think of just how massive and massively glorious God is. Yes, the universe is unbelievable big and I think that’s part of the point. I think one of the reasons God created the universe so unfathomably large was to say, I’m like this, yet bigger and more glorious. I flung all of this out from my fingertips. Be amazed at and delight in my glory. (Psalm 8:1, 3; 19:1)

If you’ve never seen pictures from the Hubble telescope of parts of this beautiful universe that God created, I encourage you to go and check them out. Simply stunning.

I’d love to hear if this sort of news - the news of new discoveries in or about the universe - makes anyone else think of God and, if so, how so.

New Exoplanet Discovered - Rejoice in Insignificance?
(SeanO) #2

All I have to say is - what an awesome God! Psalms 19 - The heavens declary His glory!


(Jimmy Sellers) #3

This is my pick. Voyager/pale blue dot. Taken from 3.7 billion miles away.

(Jimmy Sellers) #4

One of the guys in my office said that he read that if you reduced the sun to size of a white blood cell the milky way would be the size of the USA. Amazing!!