Attraction to Buddhism?

(Kelsey Rose) #1

I’ve been noticing a trend among friends and classmates of attraction toward Buddhism and other eastern religions. Why are people so attracted to it? What are some good apologetic resources that I can go to to prepare myself to share Christ with those bent on these eastern religions?

(SeanO) #2

@klrose95 That is a great question. In my experience people are attracted to eastern religions, specifically Buddhism, because it does not come packaged with the concept of original sin, which they find offensive, and they are attracted to the personalities / behavior of people who follow those religions. People want to help other people and have some spiritual component to their lives, but they do not want to admit the depths of their own sin or to surrender their own autonomy. Ironically, when we reject God we are enslaved to sin, so we are not truly free except in Christ, but they do not see it that way. They want a religion that affirms the inherent goodness of mankind, provides meaningful community and seeks to serve other people - or perhaps more specifically they want a religion that will conform to their beliefs rather than a God who calls them to come to only One who can truly save through repentance and reconciliation.

Here are some great books from Ravi on understanding Jesus among other Gods and the journey from eastern spirituality to Christ. Also, ‘Kingdom of the Cults’ is a classic that discusses the details of various religions, including eastern religions. I include it because it is important to understand the details of these relgions because, as Ravi often says, world religions are superficially similar, but fundamentally different. When we understand those differences, we see the uniqueness of Jesus Christ.

The Lord Jesus grant you a spirit of wisdom and revelation in knowledge of Him. What was it that prompted you to ask the question?

I asked her on what basis she had decided that Buddhism was true. She responded that there was no firm measuring stick but that as you observe the positive traits in the lives of people who pursue a certain set of beliefs, you may find yourself inclined to adopt their principles as well.

On the other hand, “spirituality,” in its current use, is all about self-fulfillment. It does not imply a defect on our part, but it begins with the premise that we are fine, though we could be even better if we would find our spiritual potential and actualize it.