Hello Everyone,

My name is Aude. I’m french and I live in Strasbourg ! Nice city if you have never been here :smile:

I wanted to know more how to speak about Jesus with my friends, colleague and to see different point of view. I also join rzim connect to thing about new subject and have some personal research when I see a question, or I want so search if I agree or not with the answer…

God be with you and continue to give you the wisdom :wink:


Hi @Aude, you’re really welcome! I’ve been to France many times but have never been to Strasbourg but it’s somewhere I’d like to visit someday. I’m in the UK. I hope you enjoy the topics and conversations here. I think you’ll be blessed by them.


Hi Aude and welcome :slightly_smiling_face:. This is a great community for learning from each other, not only in how to answer objections to Christianity, but also how to be witness to Christ’s love to those around us. I look forwarding to interacting with you through the site.

God bless :smiley:


Welcome to Connect! I have always wanted to visit Strasbourg! Maybe one day.

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Auden, may your time here to share with others on connect about who, and what Christ means be filled with great insight and wisdom. Make yourself to home, join in whenever you feel moved to do so, or just share with us any questions or praises you have. Lord be with you.

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Welcome Aude,

I have not yet had the pleasure of journeying to France, maybe someday, but I have journeyed through Connect, and there are many conversations about Jesus to be read :page_with_curl: and forums where you can exchange views and ask questions :question:

There is also a tutorial site to help you navigate through connect.

I look forward to your contributions. :tulip:


Welcome aboard @Aude. Thank you for joining us. I believe you will find this site very helpful for assisting in sharing your faith with others. Please enjoy. God-bless you and your journey.

Bonjour Aude
Welcome aboard. I live in Strasbourg too. I would love to meet up when this pandemic is over.
God bless you.
Bien à vous

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Hello Joshua
hope you and your family are doing ok.
Strasbourg is indeed a beautiful city!

All the best