Audio recordings from Princeton’s ‘Disability and Youth Ministry Conference 2018’

(Andrew) #1

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“In theology and ministry with young people, disability is often treated as a problem to be solved. Christian leaders approach people with disabilities as a target audience in need of integration into traditional church programming, rather than as full-fledged members of Christian community. But what would happen if the Church were to invest in and affirm young people with disabilities as active members of the body of Christ? How might the Church be reformed and reshaped by God’s work in young people with disabilities?” (Recordings taken on February 1–2, 2018 at Princeton Theological Seminary)

This conference is/was for:

  • Engage with scholars and practitioners who care deeply about ministry with young people.
  • Christian leaders who minister with young people with disabilities
  • Emerging scholars who are exploring the intersection of disability, theology, anthropology, medicine, and young people
  • Christian educators
  • Chaplains who offer pastoral care to young people with disabilities
  • Clergy and church members who have a vision for integrating young people with disabilities in their ministry