Audio Support Needed Please

(Marie Antoinette B. Cacho) #1

Hi, can you help me please, all archived videos of Church Leaders Conf have no audio during play back.

Thank you!

(Brandon Jeffers) #2

Hi @tonicacho

We’re sorry to hear that you’re having trouble with the videos from the Church Leaders Conference! Unfortunately, we’re not able to replicate this issue on our end as the audio seems to be working fine here. Is your audio working elsewhere? Can you try logging in on a different web browser and accessing the videos there to see if it behaves the same way? Let us know what you find and if you continue to encounter difficulties.

(Marie Antoinette B. Cacho) #3

Hi Brandon thanks for your suggestion. I tried to access through a chrome browser on my phone and it worked. I had problems with the audio when accessing from the rzim app.

Appreciate your help!