Hi my name is Audrey and I’m an RZIM Alum. I am from the prairies in Canada. I have watched, listened to and learned from Ravi for many years and after taking the Core Module was thrilled to learn from many of the other RZIM Academy apologists and speakers. Such profound God-given talent. I just learned about this and felt it might be good to join and learn some more. We are living in uncertain times - I want to learn how to be a blessing to others in my family, business and community during this challenging time. As a farmer, we are considered an essential service so for us, the work continues and we have been busy. That said, something is pulling on my heart that in the busyness of navigating uncertainty at the farm and for our employees, I may be missing the more important work of witnessing at this time. I don’t know. I guess - I am simply here to try to learn to be a better disciple, witness, child of our Heavenly Father who I am very confident sits on the throne and is busy with every detail of our lives - even in the face of the unknowns to us - we can have confidence that He is always good, never changes, will never fail or forsake and we can trust Him with our today and our tomorrow.


@AudDKS Nice to meet you!

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Hello Audrey, I appreciate your willingness to share your heart, and your struggle. We are all facing difficult times and our little light must shine for those walking in darkness. Connect is a great place to “trim our lamp” and shine brighter for others. Thank you for seeking an answer in the midst of doing what needs to be done for all in need. Welcome my sister may His grace fill you with hope.


How wonderful - thank you so much.

Welcome aboard @AudDKS. Really glad that you have come alongside us at connect. As an Academy alum you have so much to offer those here as well as those in your daily life. Thank you too for sharing the conviction of sharing your faith. I heard one time when there is tension we should pay attention. I think you will be blessed by following that conviction. God-bless your journey and stay safe during these times.


Beautiful introduction, very inspiring @AudDKS, welcome to connect! Thank you for providing in the way of farming. We are blessed to have you guys :pray:t3: I trust the Lord will bless your desire to reach out. I think about that in my on life as well. I am sure people see your steadiness and I trust the Lord will place those who are “seeking” in your path. Thank you for the reminder that the Lord is in every detail of our lives.
Enjoy browsing through the conversations (when you have the time).
Take care :pray:t3:


Welcome, Audrey - glad to meet you - and thanks to all you farmers who live between the ground and God to be a lifeline for all the rest of us!


@AudDKS Welcome! My mother grew up on a farm. I recall spending many pleasant summer days there. My grandfather learned and taught much from soil and literature. He was one of the wisest men that I know. You must have a great understanding of Biblical literature and especially Jesus’s parables because of your farming background. I look forward to interacting with you.