Ayesha Kreutz

Greetings, Grace and Peace to you

I currently live in the State of NY, though where I am from is more complicated. It depends on the criteria one uses for “from” :slight_smile:

I love Jesus, The Word, and appreciate the talks by Ravi

I hope to be a blessing


Welcome good to hv u here.


Hey Ayesha! @Ayesha_Kreutz

Wow- that’s an awesome pic of you!!! You sure look like you know what you’re doing - and with a smile on your face :blush:

I’m assuming horses are your thing? So great- thanks for posting!
I hope you’ll enjoy checking out this awesome community of Believers.
Feel free to jump into conversation in the forums- so many great topics and things being discussed.

Be blessed!


Hi Ayesha! Welcome to Connect. We’re so glad to have you here! I’m so interested to here more about where you are from!

Fantastic photo, also – you look like you’re really in your element!

Dive into the forums and share your ideas and perspectives!


Giddy-up Ayesha!
What caught my eye is that you had a heart for God’s Word. There is a group of us in Connect who are memorizing together, God’s Word. If you want to look into it further, please go to How and Why to Memorize Scripture

You’ll so appreciate the dear hearts of God’s people.


I love the horse picture! It looks like so much fun, though if I tried it I would fall off and meet Jesus much faster than he (or I) intends!



That’s a link I will follow for sure. I love to “hide his word in my heart”. It’s so helpful to have God’s Word ready when someone asks a question about the hope that lies within, or when called to pray regarding a personal need, or a friend.


Great Claude! We look forward to seeing you there!

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