Babang Parhusip

(Babang ) #1

Hello Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

I am from Indonesia, from Sumatra Island.
My tribe Bataknese came to know Christ through a German Missionary by name of Nommensen in 19th Centrury (link). Previously there were several missionaries visiting as well, but they were killed and believed to be cannibalized. But The Lord showed His immense love to my people to still keep sending His Servant till we knew Christ which was the greatest gift God had given to my people.

I join RZIM as I have tons of questions about Bible and The Word of God. I am especially struggled to understand a lot of things in old statement, but this is not to say new testament is easy. I would like to learn from brothers and sisters here and also to encourage each other to keep on our faith to The Lord.

May God bless you all.

(Keldon Scott) #2

Welcome aboard @MrB. I am so glad to have another from Indonesia joining us especially with the heart you have. I am certain that you have much to offer this group. There are many questions that each of us have. You are not alone. We are so glad that technology has enabled us to be together as children of God. There are many questions that can be answered or responded to here to help you. God-bless you and your journey.

(Carson Weitnauer) #3

Hi @MrB,

The #bible-questions Category was created specifically to dedicate a section to the honest exploration of our questions about the Bible. I look forward to learning and growing with you as we discuss your questions together.

I hope you will find this community to be incredibly respectful, kind, and caring as we humbly seek to understand one another and thoughtfully engage with the sincere questions of the heart.