Baptism in the Holy Spirit

(Kurt Kruppe) #1

I am not posting this question to debate whether or not you believe in the Baptism in the Holy Spirit. My question is if you think there are things in your life that hold you back from receiving the Baptism in the Holy spirit, or if its completely a gift from God no matter where you are in your faith?

(Kathleen) #2

Hi, @kkruppe! Thanks for the question. May I ask a quick clarifying question, just to make sure we’re starting at the same place? I am curious if you would distinguish between ‘baptism’ in the HS and the ‘indwelling’ of the HS? Can the HS indwell you without a formal baptism in the Spirit? I myself am trying to come to grips with the difference between the two, which is why I ask. :slight_smile:

(Kurt Kruppe) #3

Of course Kathleen, when we receive Jesus as our Lord and Savior we receive the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. He guides us and comforts us. Among other things. The Baptism in the Holy Spirit is a gift from God ,that allows us to speak and pray in tongues, gives us the gift of prophecy, gift of healing , gift of faith, and special wisdom. This can be somewhat controversial, but I believe in the full power of the Holy Spirit. “The God I Never Knew” by Robert Morris is a great book on it.

(Timothy Loraditch) #4

I learned of the Baptism in the Holy Spirit when I was in high school. The church that I started to attend taught on it and practiced the spiritual gifts referenced here. I was Baptised in the Holy Spirit then. I was also going to a youth group elsewhere that did not teach on the Baptism in the Holy Spirit or practice the all of the gifts.

The key to receiving this baptism seems to be an openness to it. Many excellent fellowships practice this baptism and many equally good fellowships do not. I am closely connected with groups from both sides of the issue, and I have failed to find either type limited in their service to God when their hearts are focusing on Him.

The things that hinder the baptism would be lack of teaching within your congregation or fear of the unknown. God does not force Himself on us, but if we draw near to Him He will draw near to us. (James 4:8-10) What His drawing near to us will look like can be different from individual to individual. Each of us has different gifts. We do not all prophesy etc. (1 Corinthians 12:30).

If a Christian is concerned that they do not have any particular gift, rather than focusing on what they do not have they should focus on what they do have and be found faithful if that first. We can then trust God to supply the rest as He sees fit. (Luke 16:10). It is, however, ok to seek greater gifts. (1 Corinthians 12:31) we just should not feel that there is something wrong with us if we do not get the gifts we expect.