Barbara Holck

Hello. I am a retired mostly military doctor now living in Utah. A few years ago my adult son inspired us all to take the RZIM apologetics course. It was impactful. I am very involved with CMDA- Christian Medical and Dental Association.

A recent tasking is developing a church curriculum on medical ethics.
To educate ourselves on the challenging issues of the day. There will be six areas to cover but I’m interested in Right of Conscious. I want to develop 10-20 study questions with references and scripture for small church groups. It might be a 6-week course of 2-hour session/week. I thought this might be a good place to get input. If not the right forum that’s ok too. Either way might you keep this effort in prayer the next 9 months?


Hello Darrell! Welcome to Connect! I am glad your son sort of led you here. Oh! I have never heard of CMDA. I am a dental student myself. Have you heard of DWAM doctors with a mission? Whenever this conference is held, I get so motivated about medical missionary work!

Woww! That’s great. We need more of this.

This is new actually, but it’d be a great idea if you try the material on us. If there were people in the medical profession here on Connect, they would probably help you get a better hold of main concerns and issues we face. So, go ahead!!
God be with you


Hi @dbholck so thankful to have you here. Wow, that’s awesome that your son inspired you to take the course! Use the search engine to type in a topic and you will probably find what you need in the way of discussions here. You can also start a topic to get some great insight to your question.
Maybe you could encourage your small group to join as well? Either way, thank you for the introduction and hope to see you engaging out there in the forums :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks Sara. No I don’t know about DWAM. I looked on line but found only U tube stuff. You might want to explore We have a big dental presence and nationally are over 20K strong. In fact we sponsor over 40 short term medical mission trips/year.
Thanks for your encouragement. Your input would be great since we want to reach the lay people in our churches.


Welcome aboard @dbholck. Glad to have you joining us. Your background and experiences will be so helpful. Blessings to you and may God Grant you wisdom and discernment for your project. It does sound like quite a challenge. But in the end very helpful for all those who will benefit from reading and engaging.

You might want to start a topic in one of the appropriate categories that enables a discussion to achieve the very input that may be helpful for your endeavor. God-bless you and your journey.

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How do I start a topic in a category please? I titled my first note -Right of Conscious


Here is link for some of the basic tutorial items that you may find helpful New User Guide: Overview

In short: just click on a category. There is a “+” in the top right. Click the “+” sign. It will then allow you start one.