Bart Ehrman

(Larenn) #1

My good friend and I have been discussing Christianity for about two years now. We’ve done many book exchanges. Ive read some Sam Harris and the like, he’s read scripture and some CS Lewis and the like. Most recently he sent me a podcast episode of Sam Harris interviewing Bart Ehrman the author of Misquoting Jesus, and a bunch of other things.
I feel like Ive reached my limit as far as the information I know. Im no bible scholar. And my friend assumes that everything this guy says is true because he’s [ Bart ] agnostic and therefore he’s just “telling it how it is”. Im praying for my friend , but other than that I don’t really know what to do when the only “biblical authority” he doesn’t dismiss is a guy basically claiming that the Bible isn’t authoritative.

(SeanO) #2

@Ren Praise God for your presence in your friend’s life. I am sure that even without words he sees your devotion to God and care for him as well.

I am no Bible scholar either, but below are some resources that might help you take the conversation one step further as the Spirit leads and when the time is right. I’m sure @CarsonWeitnauer would know some other great resources to check out.

You may want to read F F Bruce’s book “The Canon of Scripture” together, which is a classic defense of the Bible and certainly scholarly in its approach, while also readable.

Justin Brierley has been doing a radio show for 10 years where he has unbelievers and believers dialogue on certain issues. They may provide some thought provoking ideas or an opportunity to discuss.

I find Tim Keller very helpful in thinking through how to reach the skeptic - he has 150 free sermons that have really helped me grow in my thinking and one of my favorite books for reaching the skeptic is “Making Sense of God”.

Concerning Bart Ehrman, you may try introducing your friend to N. T. Wright as a counterpoint of a very, very intelligent scholar who trusts the Bible and debates this point with other intelligent people:

(Helen Tan) #3

Hi @Ren, here’s the link to a video of William Lane Craig addressing the issues raised by Bart Ehrman for your consideration. This is part 1 of 6:

I hope it helps in some way for you to discuss this subject with your friend.

(Seth Myers) #4

I got to take a course on the Resurrection from one of Bart Ehrman’s regular debating foes, Michael Licona (in fact I was finishing up that course while at the Emerging Apologists). It seems he has a free downloadable book on the discussion between them at his site; I would try to summarize his 700 page dissertation of a book we went through … but the ebook may be better!

(Larenn) #5

Thank you guys for your great feedback. Ive been reading and listening a bit already. Im having dinner with my friend tonight for his birthday so im sure a lot of this will come up tonight.