Bart Heek

Say hello…

Where are you from?
Meppel Holland
What led you to join Connect?
Viewing the video off Sam Allberry.
How do you hope to contribute?
I hope to be able to have good conversations about beleef, God and all sorts of questions


Welcome aboard @Heek002. Glad to have you joining from Holland. What a great blessing we get conversing with people all over the world about Jesus and displaying a unity that Jesus prayed for. I hope you enjoy your time here. God-bless you and your journey.


Hi Bart! @Heek002

Welcome to Connect! So glad you’ve joined.
There are always great conversations popping up in the categories above (button with 3 lines)… I hope you’ll enjoy looking around!


Hi @Heek002, it’s such a pleasure to have you here :slightly_smiling_face: I have learned a good deal from Sam Allberry. What a necessary presence he is. Please do not hesitate to ask your questions. There are very knowledgeable, caring people in this forum that will be glad to help. I truly hope to see you engaging in the conversations, offering your perspective as well. Take care​:heart: