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Where are you from? Texas

What led you to join Connect? to ask questions and hear what others are asking

How do you hope to contribute? answering questions that I’ve previously researched, encountered personally, or helped another walk through


@brschilling Welcome Beau! Glad you are here and willing to share what you have learned.

Sounds like you enjoy research, I do, too. How do you typically go about your research for answering questions?

Looking forward to hearing some of the things you have learned.


Hi Sally,
Thank you for the warm welcome.
I am a lay person and not familiar with many references. I start by seeking answers in the Bible, reading context, ESV study Bible notes, comparing English and Spanish translations. I reference Then pray and ruminate for a few weeks.
What’s your approach submitting a question to the Bible?


I tend to use word studies. Originally using Strong’s, finding all related words (English, Greek, Hebrew and definitions) making index cards of verses with their context. Now, I tend to use for faster answers. It also allows a quick comparison of a variety of English translations, which is helpful.

Reading His Word from cover to cover with colored pencils and a notebook has been very useful for more complex topics. I have also memorized challenging passages, and am beginning to learn the inductive method ( I once read there were 13 methods of Bible study - so I still have a LOT to learn!

But, I agree with you, no matter which study method used,

(or more) is key.

I’ve never heard of before. I did a quick visit - looks interesting. Thanks for sharing it.

What question or topic that you have researched sticks in your mind / heart? Perhaps one where the answer was not what you thought, or that the research was especially challenging, …


Hi Beau! @brschilling
So glad you’ve joined :blush:

I’m sure you’re a busy guy, married, with 3 little ones - I can relate!
I appreciate your desire to research and carve out the time to know truth-
Your approach involving the Spanish translations- is that helpful where you are living in Texas? Do you speak Spanish? Others around you Spanish - speaking?

@Sal You’ve got a great approach, as well! Very thorough! I also love reading the the Greek/Hebrew meanings of words and apply them to scripture.

Enjoy navigating the site, Beau! So many great topics and conversations going on in the forums… hope you’ll dive in as you feel led.


Howdy @brschilling, welcome to connect. I see a lot of people from Texas here :slightly_smiling_face:
Looking forward to your insight as you engage in the forums.


Hi @HeidiMitchell and @Sal,

I too like to go “nerd on the Word,” ie digging into the original text and context. I also enjoying digging into different English translations and paraphrases. I am from Texas and do speak some Spanish, what we call TexMex. I don’t know if God will call me into a Spanish speaking community one day or not. I am aware that he wants me to learn the language. He provides encouragement in the form of people to help me. My oldest is 7 yr and is reading the NIRV, which parallels the NIV and is easy to read beside the NVI (Spanish). I am so grateful for the online resources in that allow clicking between and interlinear reading of these translations! PTL!

Spanish is a romance language, so it’s rewarding to read its more expressive Latin roots. One can become so familiar with a verse in English that it loses its luster. Reading it in a different language can make it come alive again.

German is a more direct and guttural language that grabs you with it’s verbs. For example, Ps 50v15. Compare a more passive “call” v “rufe.”

The most personally impactful study I’ve done was about finding peace. I dug into Isiah 26. Verse 3 is often split and made into conversational cliche or wall art. This breaks my heart. Our peace is conditional. It depends on how we trust our Lord. That’ll change your life as it sinks in. Perhaps God had Isiah record v4 to hit us over the head once more with the verb “trust” just in case we missed the importance of it in v3. Then reading back to v2, he defines the righteous nation as the one that keeps the faith. Achieving a metanoia from this truth in my stubborn mind took months.

Another memorable study was in Colossians 1 about the preeminence of Christ. Studying the historical context and references to spiritual beings cited therein gave me much more understanding than a superficial read.

I challenge you to read a favorite passage in a foreign language. It’s so easy to do online. Try a language that you may have taken in school. I pray it brings you joy. If you’re feeling brave, ask God to break your heart for a person or people in a country that speaks that language.

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