Become Willing to Trust God

On Take Five today, RZIM France Director Raphael Anzenberger calls us to “brace ourselves” for Jesus’s return. Are we ready, or are we driven by our itinerary more than by the steward of our soul, who calls us to pay attention to the signs of the time?

I realize more and more that I am a product of this secular age; my horizon is limited to the next thing on my agenda; I am driven by my itinerary more than by the Stewart of my soul, who calls me to pay attention to the signs of time

As Ravi used to say, “The longer you are on this journey of faith and understanding, you actually realize how little you do know. People may think you have a lot of knowledge, but having knowledge, and having persuasive answers are two different things. It is a case of how willing you are to trust, and how willing you are to walk the distance.”

Make it Personal

  • How can these tumultuous times help us to “brace” ourselves for Jesus’ return?

  • What do you find it most difficult to trust to God with? Your future? Your finances? Your family? Your job or career? Your evangelism?


These times shake the foundation of what I place my identity on and in. It reveals areas I was trusting and placing my hope in.

I believe that in these tumultuous times, finding my identity in the one who created all things and gave his life to ransom us, and was raised again to give us new life, because He lives helps me to stay the course.


Thank you for sharing this Take Five with Raphael. It spoke volumes to me. I caught myself begging Jesus to return now as I am so tired and I just want to go home. How selfish of me to ask God to shelve His plans and call me home!
I am so rushed and exhausted as my work is dominated by Covid 19, that all I do is work and then try to sleep. When my son is with me, it’s more of a rush as I have to homeschool him too. I am not complaining, here, but just trying to give a context. I am so grateful that I am able to school my son and work from home. My son will remember this time.

But in this rush, I’ve not managed to regularly keep my daily, early morning appointment with God. I am so thankful that He has waited for me, and I have chosen today to ask Him for the power to generate more effort into spending time with Him again. Not this rushed snippet of time when I am able to squeeze Him in. I must make time to be silent and lean into Jesus, as only He is the source of the strength I need to get through each day. No amount of strain on my own will be enough to carry me through the enormous workload that Covid 19 has brought. I want to show my young child who we should go to in times of crisis. I need to live it out to cement it in his memory as I lay the foundation of the house/life my boy will build upon.
God has placed me here for a reason, as Ravi said, He has given me a platform. Trust, obedience and hope in Christ will carry me through.


This year has been the strangest that I can recall. I lost a very close friend to cancer back in march and then the pandemic and the lock downs started. Then we lost Ravi to cancer. Now we are dealing with protests and roiting all because of the evil actions of a few depraved individuals. I feel angry a little fearful but mostly frustrated. We have forgotten God and these are the cosequences. We want God to make things right imediatley. However, most of the time that is not his plan. He uses trials to make us more mature. All of enjoy contentment but, that can easily slip into complacency. We must keep pursevering and pursuing Jesus. He will take care of us. It is so easy to curse that darkness but I want to be one that brings in the light. All of us are here now for such a time as this.


“He is the source of strength I need to get through each day.”
Sami-lee, thanks for being transparent and vulnerable about what you’re going through in this season. I commend you for desiring to be a positive role model for your child as he is growing up. I think back to the verse in scripture – “train up a child in the way he should go, and when he gets old he will not depart from it.” I can honestly say, that is true of me, being raised by a single mother that desired and tried her best to teach me about God and keep me involved in a church that pointed me to a relationship with Him.
Your cry to find sacred and still space to be with the Lord each day does not go unheard, and I join you in praying for those moments during the chaos of each day, that you’d know Christ’s nearness and presence. He is with you my friend. And thank you for serving faithfully during this pandemic. God bless