Becoming More Lion King Than Tiger King

For this week’s TakeFive, Max Jeganathan is exploring the Scriptural messages that remain countercultural to this day. On day four, Max draws on Scripture, Disney, Netflix, and Winnie the Pooh to reveal the uniqueness of the Christian message in offering a multidimensional and transformative peace, which is not just a one-dimensional avoidance of disharmony.

Maybe we’ve misconceived or twisted what peace is actually supposed to be; maybe we’ve reduced peace to a one-dimensional avoidance of of disharmony rather than a search for something more holistic and relational. Maybe we need a new conception of peace

…but the Christian message doesn’t just see the disharmony out there, it sees the disharmony in here, the inner brokenness of people

It’s a peace that…we so badly need today; [it’s] not just the avoiding of external disharmony but…the achievement of inner peace through the gift of God through a relationship with Jesus Christ after which we are then empowered to go and pour out the love of Jesus and transform the world around us.

Make it Personal

  • Do you find it easy and natural to desire and pursue peace? Or is it simply a nice conception until the rubber meets the road?

  • Do you seek peace as an end in itself, or, as Max suggests, does Jesus’ peace in you empower you to transform the world around you?