Beginner's bible reading plan

Hey everyone, my friend and i have decided to start a Bible reading plan together, however I can’t seem to find a suitable one.
Here’s some context:
my friend is a teenager who has been reselling with low self esteem for some time. She would like to know Christ more and to start reading the Bible and praying more consistently. I could say she’s a beginner and still hasn’t accepted Christ as her personal savior, but i am sure that she longs to know Him more.
I would really appreciate it if you could please suggest a beginner’s short ( 5 to 10 min) bible reading/ prayer plan for us to go through.
Any advice on how to be motivational, but not demanding and “pushy” are highly appreciated. :smiley:
Thank you for your time and many blessings !


Hi Linda,

This website has a lot of different plans, time commitments and levels depending on what you are looking for. I hope this is helpful to you. If this is not what you are looking for, please let me know and I will continue looking.

May the Lord grant you success in this endeavor.

Mary Beth


Our Daily Bread ministries has a lot of free devotional materials; including 3 month free booklets delivered by post. (, as well as their discovery series booklets (
They also have YMI (Why Am I?) website geared towards youth. (

Our family has 'Fuel; devotional for parents and teens?" which is very down to earth and encouraging:

and also the BibleProject has their ReadScripture app (, which has Bible reading plans with progress and their videos embedded into the app so you know the context of what book you are reading.

it’s a good question; and reminds me of the importance of family devotions together.

I’m not sure about advice on being motivational, not pushy; we have a 16 year old daughter, and I’ve read many books on parenting. I think teens want to be treated as adults (even though they act like children sometimes). If we try to figure out ways to create a space for them to grow into, to use their initiative and to ‘step up’ into the next stage of growth for themselves. I guess as adults we also respond well to people asking us questions about how we think ourselves. have lots of resources and articles.

Also, my daughter really responds well to Andy Stanley’s preaching; one series we watched as a family was ‘Bystander’

another good series we watched was ‘Guardrails’; talking about responsibility vs freedom and privileges.

hope that’s helpful… :slight_smile:

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Hi @linda.1.dagher, I love that you are reading Scripture alongside your friend! I have just been talking to my roommate who is considering beginning to read the Bible and she was asking me a similar question.

My roomie is looking for a way to read short segments with helps and explanatory resources that will aid her understanding. It also needs to be simple, clear, and accessible—because English is her second language. While I have a few resources in mind for my roomie, one in particular may be helpful for your friend if she is interested in starting with one of the gospels:

The Uncover series (designed for college students in the UK) is a multi-media reading experience which takes a given gospel one chapter at a time. It offers meaningful explanation of the text, discussion questions (it is geared toward reading with a friend), insight into the relevance of the passage, and videos to help the reader connect with the content! It is particularly handy because their site is very mobile-accessible—designed to be easy to read and explore from your phone.

Connect community, this is a great resource to share and pass around! We used this quite a lot when I was involved in some OCCA campus mission weeks in the UK. If you get a chance to check out Uncover, I’d love to hear your thoughts: what do you think?


Thank you @MaryBeth1, this website seems to have many resources. :smiley:
Appreciate your efforts, many blessings

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Thank you @matthew.western, we love the daily bread as a family, but I never knew they had a website for teens. Will definitely check that out!
As a 16 year old myself, I will check out that Bystander series, seems like a good one !
Have a great day

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Thank you @Lizibeth, this series is really tailored to young adults and teens which i think is great!
Thanks for your suggestion and many blessings