Being Informed in Politics

Hello Everyone, I listen to a lot of political podcasts and read a lot of political articles and often don’t feel good about doing it. I would love to hear some thoughts on what our place is in politics as Christians and whether being informed on politics is important as Christians and why?

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Hi Brandon! I have to say that I admire that you are taking the time to do so. I reluctantly try to follow up. I believe that real Christians should be more involved in the political platform, in media, in film industry, scientific advances and literature. The reason why the scene turned dark, bleaky and distorted is because we have withdrawn ourselves from it. We are not only called to redeem the spiritual reality but also the material one! That’s why in the second coming of Christ we expect to receive reformed bodies. We are going to have a physical nature to our existence as well. I think we are called to engage and collide with our socities not just condemn its broken ways while standing beyond the high walls of our Churches. The Church should open its doors not only to receive people, but to go out and search for them! The parable of the woman searching for her coin, the shepherd looking for the lost sheep; an active church. We should orchestrate the culture not the other way around as is. The first miracle Jesus performed was in a wedding, turning water into wine. I mean, if God wanted to make an entrance, he should have probably started off with bringing Lazaraus to life! But the thing God was demonstrating is how the sacred can intermingle with the secular and yet not be ruined. In Ezekiel 47, he is talking about something strange and new. A river was coming out of temple bringing life to whatever it flows over instead of being defiled. The prophets in the Old Testament challenged the political leaders and kings. Paul and other apostles speaking up and bringing their testimonies to their ears.
I am sure others could add a better contribution on some examples of the modern history.
Here’s a foreword by Tim Keller on a book on that matter “City of Man”:

I am glad that you have this passion, Brandon. And maybe God can use your interest in apologetics along with your interest in politics in some magnificent way.
Blessings dear!