Belinda Agosto

Hi Brothers & Sisters! My name is Belinda, but call me Bel. I’m from Charlotte, NC. Who else is from Charlotte? I am a Realtor and a lover of Christ. I am so grateful for this forum. I really miss Ravi Zacharias, but God called him home to heaven.


Good Afternoon Belinda, So glad you joined the forum to engage and interact with your family in Christ. Hello from your West Virginia neighbor and saddened by the loss of Ravi as well. May you find connect refreshing, and be inspiring as you dig into the many avenues and discussions that take place.

God bless and keep,



Hey Sis. Bel! Well, I’m I’m not from NC, but across the plaines in northern CA. Although, I have flown through your beautiful state before. :blush: It’s very encouraging to hear of your love for Christ and appreciation for Ravi! Happy to have you here and I hope you’re able to join in the different discussions! May this forum be a blessing and encouragement in your walk with our wonderful Lord.


Hi Bel and great to have you join the community. I am sure that you will enjoy your time interacting with other ‘lovers of Christ’ through Connect :slightly_smiling_face:. Are you involved with a church ministry in Charlotte?

God bless