Benefits of enrolling in online course

Hi everyone, thinking about enrolling in the core module for early next year. There are tons of RZIM resources online so is it right to conclude that I can probably access content similar to the course on YouTube and the RZIM website? Is the benefit of the online program the ability to share with fellow students? If so, how is that different to sharing on RZIM Connect?



I can only give you my experience. I highly recommend taking the RZIM modules. The ability to stay on topic and interact with a diverse group of people is hard to find. Add to that the quality of the instructors and you have a very informative and uplifting experience.
I think connect is the next step up. It allows you to expand and test what you have learned in the modules and give you a much larger body of believers.

Hope this helps.


Hey Lisa!

Like Jimmy said, the organized topical focus is nice. But, also the class interaction and the training activities are next-level help. It’s worth the time and $ investment, I’ve found (and I have been a significant consumer of RZIM materials for about 15 years).

Hope that helps!