Benita Theda

Hi my name is Benita, you can call me Ben. I’m from Jakarta, Indonesia. I’ll be joining GEM and EAP next month. I hope to learn a lot and connect with other apologists from my own as well as other countries. Thanks a lot for having me here. God bless! :pray:


Welcome aboard @benita.theda. Thanks for connecting with us. My best to you in your studies. Apologetics is challenging. Your dedication is appreciated. I hope you enjoy the discussions and engage frequently. God-bless you and your journey.


Hello, Benita, and welcome to Connect! I am excited to learn more from you here and am encouraged by your willingness to follow the Lord’s leading to deeper studies. Looking forward to reading your posts here!


Hi @benita.theda, it’s wonderful to have you here, welcome. Thank you for your heart in wanting to give back. I trust you will be a blessing to us here. I hope to read more from you as you go along on your journey. Please feel free to offer your thoughts and insight when you find the time to engage :pray:


a Warm Welcome to you, Ben! @benita.theda
So glad you’ve joined us :relaxed:

I hope you’ll enjoy looking around- exploring all Connect has to offer.
People seeking deep truth together…



Welcome, Benita! I’m new myself.

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Welcome Ben!

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You are welcome! Ben @benita.theda

It is so great to have you join us.

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