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Hi everyone my name is Benjamin, I am an ex wealth manager for swiss banks, now living in Panama currently studying the word of God and Apologetics after my encounter with Jesus 20 months ago. Visiting a small baptist church in Pedasi, Los Santos, Panama and I recently finished the core module and looking forward to connect with all of you guys.

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Welcome aboard @bracherbracher! So glad the Lord let you to a small baptist church. What a blessing! And, so glad that rich and enthusiastic spirit has touched your life. Wasn’t the Core Module totally awesome? Please do consider the electives. I have taken them, and each is done so well. I am in the middle of one right now – What does it mean to be human – is the name of the course. If there is anything that you need or want to discuss, please don’t hesitate to post! Here is to your exciting path – God bless your time in Panama and your growth as you pursue relationship.

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Welcome, @bracherbracher! We’re so glad you have joined us here on Connect. I’d be interested to know a little bit more of your story. Working for Swiss banks, does that mean you are Swiss by birth? And what initially led you to the church there in Panama where you met Jesus? I’m very intrigued… :slight_smile:

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Dear Kathleen

Thank you for your interest and I am glad in sharing a little bit about my story. As I just learned in the core modul, the story is nice but more importing is and was obviously the reason why I needed Jesus :slight_smile: I grew up in Switzerland, with a light protestant influence in terms of religious views from my family (mother catholic on paper and father protestant on paper as well) . I started at the age of 16 my career path, blessed with good education and language skills, I was chasing materialistic welfare for 17 years, pursuing a career in the Swiss Wealth Management Industry. Off the job I was seeking fulfillment and thrills through adventures and extensive travels, looking for joy in deep corners of the electronic music scenes around the world, hand in hand with sex and intense use of recreational substances. “Living it”, as some in this world would say. It ended up living in the tropics as an expat still in a a swiss bank, but now in the middle of a growing and bustling Panama City.

My chosen career and life path although got altered when Panama Papers got on the world stage and at the same time all the worldly pleasures were more and more insufficient to continue nurturing my longing soul. Excesses became normal. Moral standards were more and more shifted towards levels a loving and caring mother would not be happy about. Without any particular meaning besides looking for pleasures, my soul wandered restless through this world without being able to find peace or joy. Without being able to truly love, I left more damage behind than good. With myself and with others. Although from the outside people were judging me as a “good” person I was suffering. Nothing made sense. So I cried out loud for help to the sky and admitted that I was done by trying it my way. Little later I met a chilean artist (christian) with whom I started an art project in Panama city under his quite and silence guiding. During one and a half year we lived together and he presented me Jesus and within that process I came to know Jesus :smile:

My heart got touched and transformed, filled with grace. 180 degrees. The hole in my heart was filled with love and joy. Jesus was the core of the art project. He was and is the fundament. The base. It was all to his glory. And this is the truth about that art project (I am in the process of documenting it to put it online). “Jesus he who who died on the cross and is still alive, as much a men as me and you and as much as God as he was when he created the world (C.S. Lewis).” In the time of that art project I found, thanks to God the courage to quit my high paid job and pursue a totally different path. I finished the art project in Panama City 9 months ago and moved to the beach, Pedasi where I am studying the word and as well finished the core module. As well I am visiting a small baptist church in that little beach and fishing village. Jesus entered in my life 20 months ago and I am living in Pedasi since 8 months. I tried to be as short and precise as possible :slight_smile: It seems that that platform is a wonderful base and I am very much looking forward of being a little part of it ! Be blessed all of you reading this! Love , Benjamin

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Thank you Keldon! Yes the core modul was so mind opening and thank you for your recommendation!

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Hi @bracherbracher,

Thank you for sharing your testimony with us! Wow, what an encouragement of how God can work in all of our lives. I very much hope you will come alongside the little team here and offer your wisdom and insight to the many questioners that bring their questions and concerns to Connect each day. May God continue his renewing, redemptive work in your life!

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Glad to hear it. Let me know if there is anything I can help with or give direction on.

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WOW. What a beautiful story! (confession: I had some tears in my eyes as I was reading that.) I agree with @CarsonWeitnauer and hope that you can find the space in some of these conversations to share a bit of the wisdom you’ve picked up over the years. Your perspective (as well as your questions) would be most valuable. :slight_smile: Blessings to you and look forward to interacting more with you!