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Hello Everyone,
My name is Bennett Summers and like many of the others, recently completed the core module. I really enjoyed the class and reading/responding to everyone’s posts. I’m from Kiel, Wisconsin, USA. I wanted to join Connect because I want to stay connected to this apologetics community. Apologetics is a new to me and I want to learn more by following and conversing with others who took the core module. I hope to contribute to by praying for the needs people address on these posts and engaging in some of the discussions that are posted.

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@bennettsummers, Welcome! If you enjoyed the Core module discussions, I am sure you will enjoy your time here on Connect. Appreciate your prayers for the community. Looking forward to your participation on the forums.

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Hi Bennett! @bennettsummers
I agree, Connect is a great opportunity following the Core Module- so glad you’ve joined us!
Your prayers will be appreciated, I’m sure, by those sharing in the forums :relaxed: