Best arguments against molinism

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Having listened to much of Dr. Craig and other molinists lectures lately, i have beome more and more convinced on molinism as the best view to bridge the seemingly opposing arminianism and calvinism interpretation of the bible regarding salvation. Obviously this recent conclusion of mine may simply be to my lack of exposure to other views and analysis out there and I would really love to be more convinced that my current understanding and belief is biblical.

Therefore, Can anybody here please share the best argument you know against molinism ? I would really like to know and weigh them.


@Jazzphysicist You may find the following articles of interest. The first gives a summary of some parts of the debate and the second is William Lane Craig’s response to two critiques - one from Haskell and one from Matt Slick. You may also be interested in our book study on John Lennox’s book ‘Determined to Believe’. We are on chapter 5 and you could jump in. Christ grant you wisdom :slight_smile:


Thanks very much sean!

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@Jazzphysicist Sure thing! May Christ guide your studies :slight_smile: