Best place for prayer requests and updates on Connect

Hi all,

I was looking to find the best place to put prayer requests and updates directly related to evangelism. I am hoping to share some specifics on the people I am reaching out and seek prayers from RZIM family to render prayer support and encouragement. There seem to be a couple of places that I could be doing this. Would this forum be the best place to do this? I am an evangelist and want to connect with people who can share my evangelism experience together through prayers and support. Any thought you can share on how best I can utilize this community or any other (I even thought about requesting a new forum that is solely focused on the topic). Thank you for your thoughts and suggestions in advance!!


A warm welcome to the community! Best place to start is the Site tutorials area…

there is

  • Ask RZIM (where we all are able to ask any question of one of the apologists who are introduced each week, and only they answer, a great way to learn more deeply)
  • Daily evangelism (where we help each other out while trying to reach others for Christ, and help with difficult questions)
  • Bible questions (questions regarding specific Bible passages or questions)
  • Christian growth (questions or sharing about topical areas)
  • Book studies (where those interested can join in book studies)

Also I can really recommend highly the Core module!

Sometimes the moderator team will move a question to a more appropriate category…
Hope that’s a helpful starting point. :slight_smile: welcome again! :slight_smile:

3 Likes, ‘The Bible memory and Prayer’ category is for all prayer requests in general and the prayer requests may be entered as a new topic. The Bible memorization group has it’s own prayer thread each week and has been mostly used by those in the group and the prayer requests posted there by anyone are prayed for every Monday at 2.00 pm CST by members of the group. The Bible memorization group is currently going through the book of Colossians and each week you will see two threads under Colossians - one for prayer and one for bible verse discussion. You are welcome to share details but please note that all prayer requests in the ‘Bible memory and prayer group’ are visible to everyone. Members lounge has fewer members and is accessible after some time of regular participation and allows a little more privacy. I have posted a link below about the various trust levels to understand the requirement for ‘Member trust level’. Wherever you post, you can be sure that someone will be praying for you. Please feel free to post any further questions that you may have. Hope this is helpful.


Thank you~


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