Best 'quiet time' resources for young adults?

Dear RZIM Connect family,

Greetings from Kenya. I have two daughters - aged 19 and 17 - who are in need of some stimulating resources to help them engage more deeply with the Bible during their devotional times. I’m hoping to identify something that will encourage and teach them to dig into God’s Word for themselves and that will engage them on an emotional level. I’m hoping that there’s something out there that’s doctrinally sound without being overly formulaic in terms of asking questions that they immediately know the ‘right answers’ to, allowing them to keep the Word and the Spirit at arm’s length.

Many thanks,


Touched by The Truth is a devotional book you can get through From His Heart ministries. Pastor Jeff Schreve is a wonderful man of God. Their website is were you can find different devotional books to carry you throughout the year, keeping you engaged in God’s word. Pastor Jeff’s study on the book of Galatians really helped me tremendously! Hope you can find something useful in it!