Bettina Meade

Hola Familia,
I’m Bettina- Bet, Tina, Betty, Betsy, Betto, & Little Girl are also names I commonly answer to :smile:. I am from Springfield, Ma by way of Shirehampton, Jamaica :heavy_heart_exclamation:. I joined Connect, because I enjoyed the different perspectives that and the sense of community that was being established while taking the Core Module. I also think this will be a cool outlet to explore faith safely among other believers.
What do I bring to the table? Ummm… a new point of view. Although there were a variety of voices in our section of the core module there were none from the vantage point of young-ish, black, female, still trying to figure out life and most importantly faith. That being said I think I will also bring alot of questions along with an open heart and open ears…

Bye Fam